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Future Generali India Life Insurance Company urges all fathers to prioritize their “Health”, this Diwali

Mumbai, October 18, 2021: Taking the conversation ahead on Father’s Health, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Ltd (FGILI) launched its 360-degree brand campaign titled “PAPAsHealthAsliWealth.” Through this campaign, FGILI urges fathers to prioritize their health and well-being amid the celebration of Diwali this year. The 360-degree marketing campaign will be launched through a short video film on social media on Oct 18, 2021.

Campaign background

The campaign film focuses on the theme of ‘Father’s Health’. In FGILI’s previous campaigns like Father’s Day, Rakshabandhan, Diwali, etc. FGILI aimed to promote the message of the father’s wellbeing and pushed for fathers to take care of their health. For the past two years, our campaigns worked towards driving home the realization that fathers need to stay healthy not only for themselves but also for their families. FGILI aims to move away from the clutter and focus the conversation on the important topic of father’s health. Insights show that fathers neglect their health in the process of providing the best to their families, which exposes them to a health risk, inadvertently exposing their family to an uncertain financial future. Going with this thought and connecting it to the core brand campaign message, i.e., #PapasHealthAsliWealth, Future Generali India Life Insurance will be talking to fathers, urging them to prioritize their health this Diwali for the family’s healthier and safer tomorrow.

Campaign storyboard

Using the occasion of Diwali where FGILI wants to encourage fathers to prioritize taking care of their health, the film starts with a visual of a father and daughter rushing out to their car after Diwali shopping. The film then shows how the father gets pulled into a work call while his daughter wants his attention to eat food which he has skipped. At once, we see the daughter trying to locate something to feed the father, which disturbs him in his call, and he ends up scolding her for creating a disturbance. However, the daughter remains unfazed by the father’s rude behaviour. Finally, she manages to tear open a pack of foxnuts and starts force-feeding him – making him realize how insensitive he had been throughout and has scolded his daughter for wrong reasons. This is where the film’s main message is brought to light, and the father is forced to rethink his lifestyle. The film ends with the central idea “Aapki sehat ka khayal rakhna aapki aur aapke apno ki bhi jimmedari hai”.

Commenting on the new initiative, Mr. Ashish Tiwari, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Ltd said, “The festival of Diwali celebrates close family relationships and triumph of good over evil. At Future Generali India Life Insurance, we are focused on promoting healthy living amongst Indian fathers. Our new campaign takes the narrative forward by encouraging them to enjoy the festivities while taking care of their health to stay fit and healthy. We believe that health is the true wealth for fathers who work hard to provide the best for their families. The campaign will be launched on all digital channels and will be supported by exciting on-ground promotions.”

Campaign rollout

The 360 campaign rollout will be in three phases. Each phase will encapsulate various activities. Phase one will see the teaser campaign on social media. Phase two will see the launch of the brand film and customer/employee engagement activities. In phase three, social media will be used to sustain the campaign.

The film has been shot by leading director Manish Sharma from P Se Picture.