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Good things come in pairs. It takes two hands to clap, to pray or to signal a sixer. That’s exactly what our Yeh Bhi, Woh Bhi range of combo-solutions has to offer you. Designed as a combination of two or more policies, they give you the combined benefits of each policy through a single solution.

No matter what your life stage or lifestyle, our combo-solutions will get you closer to your Goals Bhi, Dreams Bhi.

What is a Combo-Solution?

A combo-solution is a combination of two or more life insurance plans packaged as a single solution to address your different financial needs in life. This is a key differentiator of this solution. Since you get multiple options in one solution, it saves you the effort of maintaining separates policies and paying premiums for them separately.

A combo-solution simplifies the process of searching, buying and maintaining different policies through a single process. It also makes it easier to understand through a combined illustration of how the solution works.

Key Benefits of a Combo-Solution


  • Curated solutions to cover your different needs :
    Over time, your needs and lifestyle keep changing. This impacts your expectations from your financial planning as well. Important life-changing events like marriage, the birth of a child, home loans, etc., will add to your responsibilities significantly. Your insurance plans must keep up with changing times too. Our range of Yeh Bhi Woh Bhi combo-solutions help you with just that. They are a combination of two or more policies that give you the multiple benefits of each policy under a single solution. Helping you reach your goals and make your dreams come true.
  • Joint processing for a seamless buying and servicing experience :
    Searching, buying and maintaining multiple policies is always a time consuming process. Add to this, the hassle of applying multiple times for different policies. Combo-solutions simplify these processes and reduce the paperwork involved significantly. In short, you get multiple policies through a single, unified process.
  • Combined benefit illustration for an easy understanding:
    Combo-solutions combine multiple policies, which means the benefits are combined to offer you benefits in conjunction to your changing lifestyle & life stage. To keep things simple, your entire premium payment and benefit structure is explained through a combined benefit illustration in addition to benefit illustrations of each underlying product.

What are the different Combo-Solutions I can opt for?

You can choose from the following 2 combo-solutions:

      1. 1Future Generali Guaranteed Income Solution
    1. 2Future Generali Assured Advantage Solution

Frequently Asked Questions :

Why should I buy a combo-solution instead of two different products?

Answer : Different life stages have different needs. And as you pass through each life stage, your need from your financial planning may vary. A combo-solution combines two or more individual life insurance plans to give you a comprehensive solution to address to these changing needs. It is a convenient way of financial/risk planning as you get more options to choose from. Its unified process is easier to manage as compared to buying two or more different products. After all – you want to buy a solution which is as dynamic as your life.

Do I get any discount/benefit on the premium if I opt for a combo-solution?

Answer : No, there is no premium discount on opting for a combo-solution. However, as combo solutions work like a single pack, you save significant amount of time which goes in searching, speaking, selecting, understanding and managing multiple products thus saving significant amount of time besides reducing complexity. It also caters to the different types of needs you may have.

Will I have to submit my documents separately for each of the products in combo-solution?

Answer : No, you will not have to go through hassle of filing multiple forms and submitting documents twice. You can get a combo-solution by filling a single proposal form and by submitting documents once.

Can I buy the individual plans under the combo separately as well?

Answer : Yes. The plans are available for sale individually as well. For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions, please read the brochures for the respective products carefully.