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What are the exclusions of a heart & health insurance policy?

5 Reasons to buy a heart and health insurance plan

Buy Heart and health Insurance Plan now

Good health is one of life’s greatest gifts, and you should always respect it and take good care of it. Your fitness journey should ideally start in your youth, continuing in a commitment that gets stronger with every passing year. Health should be holistic – that is, you should be concerned not only with the well-being of your physique but also …

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Combat the cardiovascular diseases (CVD) with Heart and Health Insurance Plan

Cover Against Cardiovascular Disease

50% of heart attacks in Indians occur among people below the age of 50.[1][1][1]

Health is a precious asset, which we invariably take for granted. Based on the statistics by the Indian Heart Association, lifestyle diseases and cri…

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Tax Benefit on Premium Paid for Heart and Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance Tax benefits

You may be in the pink of your health now, however, considering the surge of lifestyle diseases, a medical crisis can arrive unannounced anytime. The last thing you want to stress over in such circumstances is finances. Hence, putting resources into medical coverage, especially a critical illness cover like Heart and Health Insurance Plan (HHI), can't be a choice, it ought to be a necessity today.

After All, it's all about finan…

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