What are the exclusions of a heart & health insurance policy?

The following exclusions are available in the heart and health insurance policy:

  • Suicide Exclusion: If the assured person’s death arises within 12 months due to suicide, the nominee will be entitled to 80% of the premiums paid from the date of the inception of the policy. Moreover,from the date of revival of the policy, the nominee shall be entitled to an amount higher than 80% of the premiums paid till the date of death.
  • Pre-Existing Diseases: No critical illness benefits will be paid for medical conditions which are the indirect or direct result of the pre-existing medical conditions of the insured unless the insured person has disclosed that while signing the policy.
  • Waiting Period: Critical illness benefits will not be paid for any covered disease within 180 days of buying or reinstating the policy.
  • Survival Period: Health insurance benefits will not be paid for any covered medical problem if the insured person has survived for less than 21 days. Survival period is not applicable for cancer-related conditions.
  • Self-inflicted injuries, insanity, immorality or suicide
  • Delay in medical treatment in order to circumvent the waiting period or unreasonable failure to follow medical advice
  • Use of intoxicating substances like alcohol/drugs, abuse of drugs without permission of a medical practitioner
  • Radioactive contamination due to any nuclear incident
  • In case of a war, civil commotion, law-breach with criminal intent, revolution, rebellion and willful participation in any act of violence
  • The existence of any STD and related complications, the presence of HIV
  • Injury or illness caused by participation in hazardous sports or pastimes,i.e. boxing, horse racing, potholing, mountaineering, bungee jumping etc. Moreover, any injury, disease or sickness received as a result of skydiving, parachuting, gliding form of aerial flight and others.

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