Rakesh Wadhwa:

How long before you see such a robot being commonplace in the world?


Rajeev Karwal:

You see there are a couple of things. So one is the robotic technology itself. Second is that what things does this robotic technology possess? So this robotic technology which is independent should also be able to face recognition. Face recognition with a database or facial recognition simply like Google lens or searching from the web and then immediately replacing it and replicating it and say okay hello Mr. so and so. There are many such issues also. So technology, cost, laws as the three of them are combining you will see more and more such things coming up. Today you have a robot who is able to move the nostrils, who is able to move the eyes and the eyelids. Is it a robot which is able to move the forehead to the chin or simply the lips, You require material of different kind. You require the hardware under the skin which is flexible to be able to create those emotions. So technology exists today but use cases and collaboration from a real utility point of view has to be arrived at. So if it if it's an industry which says I'm happy with the telepresence robot which I can drive sitting in Mumbai in my factory in Delhi. And I'm able to move around this robot which simply is a mobile base where my mobile phone on top of it. And I'm able to go to every table and see and say hi to everybody. And it works for about 40,000 50,000 rupees. I'm happy because it provides me utility. Instead of another human being which is my body double in my shape which is able to move around but it comes for 40,00,000 rupees. So maybe it is useful but the same thing can be done with lesser costs. And today there is no real need. Yes it is good to have a lot of people will desire but the costs have to come down. Today as sensors motors actuators battery technology, as they're evolving as the volumes are increasing, as the processing capability of the CPS is increasing, the costs are  also coming down. And the speed is going up. Everything have to depend on the WiFi. The WiFi also needs to be of a good quality. And then you will see that these things will become more mainstream..