Rakesh Wadhwa:

Public transportation in all megacities, including Mumbai, they are overcrowded. And even if people are working from home, a lot of them may still have to commute using public transport and that may not be safe. what would be your advice to the government as to how should they be dealing with this situation?


Ajai Chowdhry:

I've also been wondering how the governments are going to actually handle a situation like this, because social distancing has to be maintained and therefore, you will need to put out more and more, public transport than ever before. You will have to have more numbers in every Metro. You'll have to add more train bogeys that you can actually, have social distance and in a manner, we'll need to learn how to live with COVID also. Just the way we have learned how to live with tuberculosis or any other flu that we get. As a matter of fact, all statistics tell us that more people die in India due to tuberculosis, then what will happen with COVID. Some people will be, we'll start to get, some kind of immunity. I mean, they call it herd immunity. I don't think herd immunity is going to happen too soon, but, those kinds of things you will have to live with. In your personal hygiene, as you enter any of these, vehicles, you will need to be very, very careful the whole issue. Getting a  very good mask and making sure that your hands are clean and all of those things you will need to maintain and just be part of the scene. I mean, what if you catch COVID. A lot of the COVID patients don't actually get catch it in a very big way. They get a very light Piece of COVID and they survive. They get better in the next seven to 10 days.We all have to learn to live with that.