Rakesh Wadhwa:

When we look at the brand architecture model during COVID situation which elements of this model which is your model become most important for Brands? For celebrity endorsement loses importance and the CEO's personal personality becomes more important. What do you think about that?

David Aaker:

The higher purpose is something that is more important now and will be going forward. And so that's definitely one thing. And having a personality is more important. Things that can make you more authentic that can make you more interesting and make you more appealing. And that it's always been the case if you want to get beyond functional benefits but it's more important than ever. That would be the case. But it's pretty hard to generalize. My whole theory of brand management is that you don't have a set of rules. It's not a checkout the box kind of thing. You basically say what do I want my brand to stand for in my context at this time? That's what you asked. You want to really see what works for you and your market with your consumers.