Rakesh Wadhwa:

There's a lot of talk about which kind of mask? Everybody seemed to be wearing a mask but what kind of mask works because today you get a dozen right in this sort of also gives birth some market that people take advantage of. So what kind of mask really works? What should they adhere to?

Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan:

I am no expert at all. So I am not the person to pose this question to at all. My understanding the mask is that it is simply preventing the droplet from going directly into your face. And you pushing the droplets into someone's face. Based on what the WHO evidence or their recommendation is and  the ministry of health, a simple clock covering over the month should be sufficient because all you're trying to prevent is to cough fully into someone's mouth and to have their cough be taken. And it's not meant to be an N95 kind of a protector or anything like that. So I would just go with the ministry of health recommendations here. Actually surprisingly the Indian ministry of health and family welfare has an excellent COVID page. I know we generally tend to ignore what the government says on these things but the ministry’s COVID page is actually not bad at all.