How Does A Child Plan Benefit My Child?

A child insurance policy helps in protecting your child’s future in many ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Helps to meet immediate family expenses: In case of the demise of the parent, the policy provides Death Sum Assured as lump sum immediately. This can be used to take care of any emergency expenses.
  • Helps in Supporting their School fee: In case of the demise of the parent, periodic payouts are made in a manner decided during the policy documentation to fund their school fee.
  • Helps in funding their higher-education: Higher education for your child always comes with a financial burden. By buying a child plan, you can ensure that your child can choose a career they like without having to worry about funding. In case of demise of the parent under a child plan, the future premium under the policy are funded by the Company on your behalf. This ensures survival and maturity benefits for meeting the child’s higher education are paid as promised at the inception of the plan.
  • Helps in financing their wedding: You can finance a perfect wedding for your child by taking out a lump sum amount from your plan when they become of marriageable age.

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