The financial burden of a critical medical diagnosis can be massive to bear on your own. The costs of securing the best medical care and facilities can be enormous, which is why health insurance is so important. The Future Generali Heart & Health Insurance Plan is a distinctive health plan that provides you with financial protection against unforeseen medical emergencies as well as allows you an option^ to get all your premiums back at the end of policy term in case you have paid all your due premiums..

Key Features

Here are some key features of the plan:

  • Provides you with a comprehensive cover for 59* critical illnesses.
  • Offers fixed benefit that will help you cover medical costs includes the long-term treatment costs, the cost incurred in securing second opinions, the cost involved in the nursing and post-operative care as well as compensation for the commensurate loss of income during such treatments.
  • Covers you on a diagnosis of any of the listed conditions whether it is in Minor, Moderate or Major Stage.
  • Offers flexibility to choose from a) Heart Cover, b) Critical Illness Cover, c) Heart Cover with Return of Premium, d) Critical Illness Cover with Return of Premium.
  • Carries an in-built death benefit within the policy

About - Future Generali Heart & Health Insurance Plan

It combines elements of a health insurance plan and life cover under one plan. The Tax benefits included under the Future Generali Heart & Health Insurance Plan are as follows:

  • The premium amount you pay towards the life insurance part each year may be claimed for a tax deduction as per Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • The premium amounts you pay toward your health insurance part may be claimed for a tax deduction as per Section 80D of the Act.
  • The amount that your family receives as death benefits in the event of your demise is subject to exemption from tax under Section 10(10D) of the Act.

Important Things to Remember

Under Section 80D, you are allowed to claim the health insurance premium for yourself and the family according to the limits stated in the table below:

Expense Maximum Tax Deduction/Exemption Limit for the financial year

Health Insurance Premium for Yourself, partner & child


Preventive Health Checkup for Yourself, partner & dependent child (Included in the above)


Health Insurance Premium paid by you for the benefit of a Senior Citizen*


Preventive Health Check Up paid by you for Parents (Senior Citizens) (Included in the above)


Health Insurance Paid by you for Parents (Non- Senior Citizens)


Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan (UIN: 133N069V03)

Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating (without-profits), Health and Life Insurance Plan


* "Senior citizen" means an individual resident in India who is of the age of sixty years or more at any time during the relevant previous year.


*59 critical illnesses are covered only under critical illness cover (option 2) and critical illness cover with return of premium (option 4)

^The return of premium option is available only with Option 3 - Heart Cover with Return of Premium Option and

Option 4 - Critical Illness Cover with Return of Premium Option. Any critical illness benefit already paid will be deducted from this amount.

For more details on this product including risk factors, exclusions, terms and conditions, please read the product brochure carefully and/or consult your Advisor and/or visit our website before concluding a sale. Tax benefits are subject to change in law from time to time. You are advised to consult your tax consultant. Riders are not mandatory and available at an additional cost. Future Group’s and Generali Group’s liability is restricted to the extent of their shareholding in Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited. . Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited (IRDAI Regn. No.: 133) (CIN: U66010MH2006PLC165288). Regd. & Corporate Office address: Unit 801 and 802, 8th ‑floor, Tower C, Embassy 247 Park, L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai - 400083 | Fax: 022-4097 6600 | Email: | Call us at 1800 102 2355 |Website: | ARN: