Masters Speak | 'Same Planet - Different World' Leadership lessons from Keith Coats

What makes for a good strategy in a highly uncertain business environment and how one can remain future-focused and nurture leaders. If you're looking for authentic answers for your organization or for yourself, join us in this Masters Speak session with Keith Coats, founding partner of the international consultancy 'TomorrowToday Global'.

Keith Coats is a futurist and leadership expert, with global experience as a presenter, facilitator and author. Keith shares his experience with audiences around the world, helping them understand the leadership response to a global context of change, complexity and uncertainty. Keith believes that Leading Diversity will be the next big challenge for leaders globally.

Keith’s research has clearly identified the key-defining factor for a successful leader in the 21st century is the ability to learn, grow and be adaptable. He believes that leaders need to have access to new frameworks and thinking in order to successfully lead into the future.

He is the co-author of published ‘Leading in a Changing World’, and writes regularly for many different publications. Keith is a founding partner of the international consultancy TomorrowToday Global, and is based in London.

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