Masters Speak | The Secrets of Marketing to Women by Marti Barletta

For 80% of all Consumer purchases, whether as small as a milk carton or as large as a car, the woman of the house has the first word and usually the final say as well. Whether she’s furnishing a household, stocking a medicine cabinet or picking out a new refrigerator, she has a defined set of needs and expectations that marketers and salespeople ignore at their peril.

On the Business front, women buyers are equally important, managing the majority of F500 and smaller company purchasing for the organization’s products, office equipment/supplies/services and employee plans/services. As the market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s essential to understand what a woman wants and come up with new ideas to catch her eye, earn her preference and win her decision.

While many companies recognize women’s leading role in their buyer base, few realize how women’s buying process differs from men’s. A competitor’s oversight like this can provide a vital advantage to those who know better.

Watch an insightful Masters Speak session on Winning with the World's Big Spenders: Women with Marti Barletta.

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