Masters Speak | Workplace Burnout - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment with Tamryn Batcheller-Adams

The current COVID pandemic has put us in a state of exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity. Employees working from home have been adjusting to a new work routine, childcare, home-schooling their children, and, in some cases, taking care of sick relatives.

Employees also tend to have greater instances of burnout when they feel that they are not making an adequate contribution to their organization, or do not feel their efforts bring a significant change, have role conflict, work overload, or a lack of predictable and clear expectations.

To address this issue, watch this insightful Masters Speak Live session on Coping in a Crisis - Burnout in the Workplace with Tamryn Batcheller-Adams, a renowned psychologist and consultant.

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