'Start. Stop. Start: How to Follow your Dream.' with Arjun Malhotra

Is there something that you've always dreamed about and always wanted to pursue in life? But not sure how to achieve it? To know how to be successful in life and accomplish your dreams, join us for an insightful 'Masters Speak' Live session with Arjun Malhotra, Chairman - Magic Software Inc. on ‘Start. Stop. Start: How to follow your dream.’

Mr. Malhotra has a long string of entrepreneurial successes. He co-founded the HCL group in 1975, taking it from a six-person “garage operation” to one of India’s largest Information Technology corporations.

A pioneer of the Indian IT industry, Mr. Malhotra served as Chairman of Headstrong’s Board of Directors before its acquisition by Genpact in May 2011. Prior to Headstrong he was Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of TechSpan, which merged with Headstrong in October 2003.

He was awarded the Albert Einstein Technology Medal for 2001. The Institution of Engineers (India) has named Mr. Malhotra an Eminent Engineering Personality.

For his contributions to the Indian IT Industry, he got the DQ LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Award. He is presently an Advisor in a number of start-ups in Education and healthcare space.

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