Jennifer Garvey Berger

Escaping Leadership Mindtraps to Thrive in a Complex World

Does it sometimes seem to you that the astonishing levels of complexity and uncertainty in the world right now leave you exhausted? That your usual ways of working are failing you now?

The trouble is that our brains and bodies were honed over thousands of years to become simplification machines, protecting us from the overwhelming data of our lives. Over centuries, humans have developed shortcuts that have served us incredibly well, and we have gotten better at thriving in a more natural, simpler world.

But now it turns out that these shortcuts are more misleading than helpful as we navigate a world more interconnected and dynamic than humans have ever known before. In a world where we need to interact intentionally with the complexity around us rather than pretending it doesn’t exist, these shortcuts have become “mindtraps” that lead us astray. As our lives get more complex, we need to be able to recognise these mindtraps and then choose a creative way to escape them.

Join us for an insightful session with Jennifer Garvey Berger on 16th December at 6:30 PM.

Jennifer is the CEO of Cultivating Leadership, where she serves senior leaders from Silicon Valley to the wilds of New Zealand, from the financial sector in China to the climate change ecosystem in Europe. In her practice and in her three acclaimed books, Changing on the Job, Simple Habits for Complex Times (co-authored with Keith Johnston), and Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps, Jennifer has developed a series of tools and approaches that help leaders around the globe to grow their inner agility and thrive in uncertain and complex circumstances.

In addition to her writing and research, Jennifer coaches executives and executive teams, designs and teaches leadership programs, and keynotes at leadership and coaching conferences around the globe.

Jennifer is an American by birth, a Kiwi by choice, and finds herself living now in London, far from her beach house on the Tasman Sea. She has a masters and a doctorate from Harvard University.

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