A Letter To Our Dear Fathers

Dear Fathers,

Hope you all are doing well. Having known fathers, we are sure that you will say that you are doing great. But we also know the pains you go through to keep the happiness and smiles of your loved ones intact. And when it comes to Diwali, you go all out to ensure that everyone’s happiness is taken care of, be it buying the best gadgets for your children or buying the prettiest jewels for your spouse or the comfiest chairs for your parents.

But why not do something more this year and show that same care and affection for your own health.

Festivals will come and go, but all the festivities would amount to nothing if you are not healthy. We understand that the never-ending toil to generate adequate wealth for your family can have an adverse and irreversible impact on your wellbeing. And we also know that your family only wants the best for you and would want to see you hale and hearty forever.

This Diwali, let us take care of your wealth, so that you focus on “Asli Wealth—Your Health”. We bring you a variety of insurance solutions at your disposal so that you can relax, rejuvenate and regenerate, because #PapasHealthAsliWealth.

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Our Committed Fathers


Fathers promised
to take care of
their health for their loved ones

Papa Kehte Hain


PAPA ki Asli Report

To understand the behaviour of Indian dads, we spent time doing a survey on them. The sample had a mean age of 35 and belonged to SEC A and B. The results were striking as only a few dads actually prioritised health. Read along to find out where you stand: