Why Father's health is important?

Dear Fathers,

This is for you. A reminder to take a break from your daily grind, which you undergo to provide for your family. Ask yourself if what you are chasing really matters? Ask yourself on how you remain focussed on generating financial wealth – while your health shifts on backseat.

What your family really wishes, is to see you healthy and happy, today, tomorrow and forever. Because a fit and healthy you is your family’s greatest security.

And while you take care of your asli wealth – your health, we have a range of life insurance solutions that take care of your wealth. So, begin the journey towards building your good health right away because #PapasHealthAsliWealth.

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Fathers ki Asli Report

To understand the behaviour of Indian dads, we spent time doing a survey on them. The sample had a mean age of 35 and belonged to SEC A and B. The results were striking as only a few dads actually prioritised health. Read along to find out where you stand: