How to achieve your financial goals while avoliding taxmen

How to Achieve Your
while avoiding taxmen

"There are two kinds of investors in the world-
one who achieve their financial goal easily, and two, who strugle."
"The easy achievers usually know how to avoid taxmen while investing"

Tax-man And Investments


Stands for Taxable Taxable Taxable


Means, no tax benefit at investment. Any interest accruals and Maturity value will be taxable.


Stands for Exempt Exempt Taxable


Means: Tax benefit at investment. Accrued interest is not taxed, but Maturity Value is Taxable


Stands for Exempt Exempt Exempt


Means: You save tax if you, invest, no tax on accrued interst and maturity value.

"EEE investments are the fastest route towards your financial goals"

EEE Investment Options for You

Safe Options

PPF - Public Provident Fund

Offered via Post-Offices
and Specified Banks

Pays a Fixed Rate
of Interest

Maturity 15 Years

Waiting Period for
Withdrawls: 5 Years

Traditional Saving Plans

Offered by Life Insurance

Interest Varies but
equivalent to PPF

Maturity 10 to 25 Years

Waiting Period for
Withdrawls: Policy Term

Agressive Options

ELSS - Equity Linked Savings Schemes

Offered via Mutual Funds

100% Equity

No Maturity Perid

Waiting Period for
Withdrawls: 3 Years

ULIPs - Unit Linked Insurance Plans

Offered by Life Insurance

Options of 100%
Equity allocation

Maturity from 5 to 20 Years

Waiting Period for
Withdrawls: 5 Years

Additional Benefits on Investments from Life Insurance

Protect Your Goal
with a Life Cover

Loyalty Benefits on Long-term Investments

Bonus on
Participating Plans

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