World Cancer Day:
Stay Financially Prepared!

Fighting Cancer requires not only mental and physical strength, but also financial preparation.

This World Cancer Day, let us talk about how to financially secure yourself and your loved ones against Cancer.

Cancer cases in India have increased at an average annual rate of 1.1-2 per cent from 2010-2019.

Deaths from cancer in the country have also went up at an average rate of 0.1-1 per cent in the same period.

Why is it essential to financially protect yourself against Cancer?

In India in 2022 – the cost of cancer treatment varies between Rs 90,000 to 27 lakhs*

Are you financially prepared for it?

What is the Cost of Cancer treatment?


Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan

The Answer is:

How to be financially prepared for fighting against Cancer?

•The plan covers from Minor to Major Stages of Cancer

• Option to Get Lump Sum Cover with Income Benefit

• Equips you to be financially prepared to fight Cancer

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Benefits of the Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan

Here’s an example of how the plan works:

Why choose a Cancer plan and not a health insurance plan?

Health plan pays only for medical and hospitalization cost.

Cancer plan provides lump sum amount to pay the hospitalization bill. Additionally, comes with income-replacement benefits, which give monthly pay-outs to recover post-hospitalization.

This World Cancer Day

Take a step towards financially securing yourself and your loved ones against Cancer