Future Generali

Corporate Social Responsibility

Future Generali India Life Insurance adopted 7 hamlets in the Jalgaon block of Buldhana district in Maharashtra State of India.


With the objective of making a positive and long-term, sustainable impact on the community, Future Generali India Life Insurance initiated its first CSR project in Maharashtra. This project has been launched in partnership with The Energy Resource Institute (TERI) to provide clean lighting to un-electrified households through the Light a Billion Lives (LaBL) campaign.

Lighting a Billion Lives is a global initiative that facilitates access to clean lighting for poor communities across the world. It was launched in 2008, and enables communities to transition from harmful kerosene based mediums to cleaner, more efficient and sustainable lighting alternatives through an entrepreneurial model of energy service delivery.

What is the initiative?

The company adopted 7 hamlets (small villages) in the Jalgaon block of Buldhana district in Maharashtra (India), which covered over 140 households and over 500 villagers. The financial contribution towards this project was used to erect solar panels for each household in the targeted villages, with each household getting two solar connections – one for electricity and one for mobile charging.

How does it work?

The solar lantern gives 6 hours of powerful light, and is installed on the roof of every house so the villagers do not need to travel long distances to charge the lanterns or pay any maintenance cost.

How does it benefit?

The solar lanterns provide a sustainable option for electricity where kerosene lamps have been used for decades. This initiative has not only helped them reduce health hazards caused due to smoke and soot, but has also enabled them to be more productive in after evening hours.

The lantern helps them to carry out their daily chores, cook in proper light and also helps them safeguard their fields at night.