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Buy Life Insurance Online

With widespread connectivity options, ever increasing internet speed and strong emphasis on user data protection, modern consumers are increasingly opting to buy insurance online. With no intermediary involved and direct communication with the company, the online insurance products are considerably cheaper than their offline counterparts. Company may also provide assistance during the buying journey such as explaining terms in the proposal form through tele-calling.

For value-conscious customers who are aware of their insurance needs and prefer to buy through a Do-It-Yourself process, Future Generali Life offers three online policies, viz. Heart & Health Insurance Plan, Cancer Protect Plan, Flexi Online Term Plan and the Easy Invest Online Plan.

Buy Health Insurance Online

Be it Stroke, Brain or Organ Failure. why take a chance?

This is an individual, non-linked, non-participating health insurance plan. 59# critical illnesses are covered only under critical illness cover (option 2) and critical illness cover with return of premium (option 4) *Premium mentioned above is for a 35 year old healthy, non-smoke male, paid anually for critical illness cover (option 2) of 10 lakhs and policy term of 10 years. This premium is inclusive of taxes.

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Cancer Protection Plan

Survive Cancer financially
10 lakhs Cancer cover @ Rs.2* per day

This is a non-linked, non-participating(without-profits) health plan. *Premium including taxes of 30 years old non-smoker male for lump sum cover annual pay options for a policy term of 10 years with a sum assure of र10 lakhs.

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Flexi Online Term Plan

Leave behind Rs.1 Crore at
Rs. 20** per day

This is a non-linked non-participating pure term insurance plan with life insurance coverage. *Premium mentioned is including taxes for an 18 year old non-smoker male taking र1 cr cover under basic life cover annual pay option for 10 year term purchased online

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Online Investment

Invest systematically as low as
Rs.4,000 a month

This is a regular premium unit linked endowment plan with life insurance coverage.

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What is FG Heart & Health Insurance Plan?

FG Heart & Health Insurance Plan is an Individual / Non - Linked / Non - Participating / Fixed Benefit Health plan which pays lump sum to the life assured on diagnosis or undergoing the surgical procedure of the listed Minor, Moderate or Major stage Critical Illness as per options chosen

How does FG Heart & Health Insurance Plan work?
  • This is a regular premium payment Individual / Non - Linked / Non – Participating/ Health plan
  • As per your requirement, choose the option:-
    • Option 1 - Heart Cover
    • Option 2 - Critical Illness Cover
    • Option 3 - Heart Cover with Return of Premium
    • Option 4 - Critical Illness Cover with Return of Premium
  • Pay the premium till the end of policy term
  • Receive lump sum on diagnosis or undergoing the surgical procedure of the listed Minor, Moderate or Major stage critical illness
  • On diagnosis/undergoing the surgical procedure of the Minor or Moderate critical illness, premiums will be waived off for the period of 5 policy years or till the end of the policy term, whichever is earlier. (Only once during the policy term)
  • Death benefit in case life assured dies during the policy term
  • Maturity Benefit if life assured survives till the end of policy term (Available only with option 3 and 4)
FG Cancer Protect Plan View All
What are the various benefit options available under this plan?

Option 1: Lump Sum Benefit.

Option 2: Lump Sum Benefit + Fixed Monthly Income of 2% of SA per Month for 60 months (On Detection of Major Stage Cancer Only)

But I already have a mediclaim policy, why do I need a separate Cancer Cover?

The medical expenses incurred for cancer treatment can be very high, depending on the stage. Moreover, there are some other costs as well like Travel Expenses for second opinion and treatment, rehab, nursing at home and counselling costs post treatment, loss of income during the treatment and recovery period etc.

Mediclaim policies offer only hospitalization expenses basis the bill amount and it may not be sufficient to cover all the expenses. FG Cancer Protect Plan is a fixed benefit plan and pays out lump sum on diagnosis of Cancer which can help you in taking care of both Medical and other costs.

FG Flexi Online Term PlanView All
What is the minimum and maximum Policy Term?

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan is a non-participating pure term insurance plan which provides you a comprehensive cover at an affordable price. It has multiple options that you can choose from as per your need – from a basic term cover to income protection.

What are the options available under Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan?

The plan provides below options:-

  1. Basic Life Cover
  2. Income Protection
    • Fixed Income Protection
    • Increasing Income Protection
  3. Basic Life Cover + Fixed Income Protection
  4. Basic Life Cover + Increasing Income Protection
FG Easy Invest Online PlanView All
How Does Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan work?
  • The plan is offered basis declaration of good health till a defined Sum assured limit/premium and age.
  • On death, higher of sum assured or fund value subject to a minimum of 105% of total premium paid till date of death is payable to the nominee.
  • On maturity, fund value is payable to the life assured
  • Loyalty Additions in last 5 years will be provided
  • The plan provides 5 fund options to choose depending on the risk appetite of customer
What is maturity benefit under the plan?

On maturity of the policy, Fund Value as on the date of Maturity is paid to the life assured. The life assured may also choose to receive the maturity benefit under Settlement Option as mentioned below.


Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan is an Individual, Non - Linked, Non - Participating Health Insurance Plan.

Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan is a Non-Linked, Non-Participating Health Plan.

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan is a Non Linked Non- Participating Pure Term Insurance Plan.

Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan is a Regular Premium Unit Linked Endowment Plan with Life Insurance coverage.