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Planning for Child's future

Investing for Kids' Future? Let the Kids Take the Lead

teach your kids the habit of investment

Be involved, but not in control. Advise, but do not decide. Support, but do not dominate.

Parents play a substantial role in designing their child’s future. How the child grows up to be or how he/she takes on life, majorly depends on parents. While a strong foundation can help the child in leading a fulfilling life, a weak foundation can make them struggle for very small things. Starting from ethics to education as well as suc…

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Child education plan: a comprehensive guide for young parents

Child education plan Guide

Ankit and Ramya became proud parents to Adya when they were both 30 years old. Excited though they were by the new addition to the family, they quickly realised that having a child meant handling a lot of responsibilities they had never really considered before. Both their families, their friends who were parents, tons of other elders they had met and who knew Adya was born came to congratulate them, bringing presents and a ton of …

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Here is a structured process to tackle inflation in education costs

tackle inflation in education costs

Since the time Alia was born, her parents Deepak and Shweta had started a savings account specifically to fund her educational expenses. The money their relatives showered on the newborn all went into the savings account. They had asked their relatives to forego expensive presents and instead help them save up for her education. Deepak and Shweta’s relatives respected the new parents’ wishes and helped them build up her educational…

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How a child education plan can secure your child’s higher education

child education plan

As parents, we always wish the best for our children. Apart from the basic facilities and amenities, the most important objective for a parent is to provide them …

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Here's How You Should Plan For your Child's Future

Financial planning for child

You make a new beginning when a child is born. All parents want the best for their children, and as soon as a baby is born, planning for his or her future begins. At…

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How to insure your child's future

How to secure your child's future

How to secure your child’s future

– Munish Sharda, Managing Director & CEO, Future Generali Life Insurance


As a parent you will agree with me when I say…

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Why Young Parents Should Take Financial Planning Seriously?

Young Parents Should Take Financial Planning Seriously

The birth of your first child is something you will embrace for the rest of your life. You spend months anticipating and preparing for that very moment. Everything f…

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Here's How Outgoing People Can Manage Their Finances like a Pro

Manager your finances properly

Many youngsters in their mid-20s and 30s face the dilemma of not being able to match their outgoing lifestyle with their finances. Most people who live an active, so…

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Why Term Plan is the Best Financial Decision Before You Turn 30?

Best Financial Decision Before You Turn 30

Life in 20’s is generally a time of experimentation, freedom and parties. It is only in your 30’s that you are expected to become wise, settle down and take importan…

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6 reasons you need a child education plan in this day and age

reasons why you need a child education plan

Akash had taken a student loan to get through both engineering college and for business school. It had taken him many sleepless nights of working feverishly and near…

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Know These 4 Things About Getting Life Insurance for Your Child

Getting Life Insurance for Your Child

While planning and managing your finances, you leave no stone unturned to secure your child’s future, especially financially. Major expenses such as those for your c…

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How much should you save for your child's education?

save for your child's education

Raj and Deepa had heard enough horror stories about how parents had strived to save for their children’s education, but the amount had fallen short of the required c…

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6 Financial Tips for First Time Parents

Financial Tips for First Time Parents

Becoming a parent can be both exciting and terrifying. Don't worry; no one else knows what they're doing either! Of course, it’ll be a lot easier without financial w…

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If you are a parent, chances are you spend most of your time worrying about your kid - their future, their education, their well-being, among other things. Providing…

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Listen Up, Parents! Here are Some Essential Lessons to Pass On to Your Kids

Here are Some Essential Lessons to Pass On to Your Kids

Parents often attempt to shield children from the harsh realities of life. While this is commendable, it often leads to children growing up without being prepared fo…

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The A-Zs of securing your child’s future

The A-Zs of securing your child’s future

Picture this: Four years back, the average cost of getting a degree in engineering in India from a decent college was 6 lakhs. By 2022, this would be more than 15 la…

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How To Secure Your Child's Financial Future In An Uncertain World


Securing your children's financial future is as much about teaching kids money-saving tips, as it is about saving your own money. Educating your child…

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

keeping your kids safe online

We all know the internet can be a fantastic tool to help your kids learn and play, but it does come with its risks. Considering school closures to tackle COVID-19, …

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5 Investment Tips to Save for Your Child's Education

Investment tips for child educationThinking about the rising cost of education can be quite intimidating. With the rising cost of private education in the country as well as abroad, a critical goal for all parent…

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