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Life Insurance

How To Keep Your Family and Their Aspirations Safe From Killer Illness?

Keep Your Family Safe

We all love our family the most and do everything possible to keep them happy and in good spirits. Every relationship nurtures in a way, of giving space to each other, yet at the same time, showing our love, affection and care in every way possible. While this is a subjective matter, somethings in a relationship are obvious for us. For example, you (as a breadwinner of the family) can show your care by giving your spouse and children a…

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7 reasons why you have to pay higher premium for life insurance than others

Paying Higher Premiums

If you’re just starting to look for life insurance plans, you may be curious about how much money will you have to pay for the insurance coverage. There are multiple factors that determine the premium applicable to you and it can be quite confusing at times to comprehend why you have to pay a rate that is higher than others for a

Let’s look at the factors that can be cause of higher life insurance premium…

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4 Ways You Can Ensure That Your Term Insurance Cover Never Lapses

Term Insurance Coverage lapsed

When it comes to ‘Term Insurance’, the word “lapse” isn’t a good thing to hear. What does a lapse of team policy mean? Simply put, if your term insurance plan has lapsed, it implies that the policy is no longer valid and you do not have coverage and protection.

Nobody would want to lose the insurance cover benefit after investing in a term plan. It is detrimental to family’s financial well being. To avoid your policy getting lapsed,h…

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Everything you need to know about a Rs 1 crore term plan

Facts about 1cr Term Insurance Plan
What is a term plan?

A term plan is a type of life insurance policy. If you purchase a term plan, you will receive coverage for a pre-specified period of time, or…

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10 ways to help support a loved one through serious illness

Support loved ones in serious illnesses

That our relationships are the basis for the most beautiful moments in our lives is just as true during the bad times as it is during the good. In fact, it’s when we fac…

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12 questions you must ask your life insurance agent


Buying a life insurance policy without asking your advisor the right questions is as good as crossing a road blindfolded. Here are a few questions you MUST ask:

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15 Basic Life Insurance Terms Everyone Should Know About

Life Insurance Terms you must know

Understanding the basic life insurance terminology helps us to understand the various benefits and features of a policy. You might wonder what does various insurance…

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What are two main life insurance policy in India

two main life insurance policy in India

Life insurance provides financial protection to the family and dependents of the policyholder in the unfortunate event of his death. Realising this i…

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3 Simple Steps to buy Term Insurance Online

Steps to buy term insurance

Your love for your family knows no bounds - but money does. And it shouldn’t become a reason for your family’s plight in the unfortunate event of your untimely demis…

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The three habits of happily retired people

Habits of happily retired people

Retirement is an exciting prospect. Who doesn't want some newfound free time and money to spend? We need to plan ahead and save up to make sure we can truly enjoy it how…

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5 benefits of online term plans

Benefits Of Buying An Online Term Plan

Abhishek had long known about the benefits of investing in term insurance policies. As a child, he had watched his father make regular premium payments and heard how it …

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5 Insurance Mistakes That Can Cost You Dearly

Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

In our 30s, we tend to spend a significant part of our income on lifestyle needs such as family vacations, children’s tuition fees and EMI payments. Amidst all this,…

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Top 5 mistakes amateurs make when selecting a term policy

Term insurance Mistakes

Ashok is 35 years old and works as an engineer in the water works department. When he was 25, he enrolled for his first term insurance policy for a period of 10 year…

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5 Most Common Life Insurance Myths Busted

Life insurance Myths busted

For various reasons, life insurance is like an elephant in the room that does not get talked about enough. And that has, over the years, given rise to a number of life…

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5 reasons to buy a ULIP today

5 reasons to buy a ULIP today

or ULIPs have always stood out as an instrument of investment due to their ability to provide both market linked returns along with sec…

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5 Things You Must Do at Key Events in Your Life

Key Events in Your Life

Every person has face several key events in his or her lifetime, such as marriage, promotion, childbirth, anniversary, retirement, and so forth. In between, the cycl…

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5 tips to evaluate life insurance policies

Tips to evaluate life insurance policy

Throughout her life, Anita had witnessed her parents paying premiums on their life insurance policies with one insurer. When Anita started working last year, she was…

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Benefits of term life insurance plans

Term insurance plans are purely protection based insurance plan, wherein the case of the death of the policyholder the nominee receives the entire sum assured of the…

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If you are planning to buy a health insurance plan and you or someone in family has a chronic illness, consider following health insurance facts while buying.

Knowing Health Insurance facts

Many people with pre-existing chronic illnesses leave themselves out of because of their false belief that they are not eligible for cover. M…

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5 reasons why health insurance is essential for a woman in her 30s

Importance of health insurance for women in 30

The urban Indian woman has arrived; tasting success in every domain, she has even made inroads into traditional male bastions – be it business, career, sports, politics,…

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5 Steps of Buying Adequate Term Plan Online for Finance Dummies

Term Insurance buying guide for not so financially active people

Insurance companies offer term plans that are now exclusively accessible on the web. These online term insurance plans are anything but difficult to purchase and a sure …

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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Health Insurance For Women

Things to remember while buying health insurance for women

As women enter the workplace and other economic spheres beyond just the domestic ones, they are now a power to reckon with. They constitute 22.1% of the total labour for…

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5 things to look for before buying health insurance online

Buying Health Insurance Online

India’s medical inflation operates at as high as 15%. This is an astounding figure, and no matter how much you earn, being able to afford quality medical care will r…

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What is a policy lapse? 6 important points to know about policy lapses

important points to know about policy lapses

A policy lapse occurs when the benefits and coverage provided under an insurance policy are terminated for a policy holder. A policy is ‘lapsed’ when the policy hold…

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6 life events where you should review your term insurance coverage.

Our life changes very fast, before you realize you take on additional responsibilities. Just look back and think over the last big change in your life? It could have been ta…

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Top 6 Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Life Insurance Mistakes to avoid

Common Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Insurance helps you provide financial protection to your loved ones. Keeping this in mind, it is important to make your insurance d…

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6 things you should know about online term plans

Online term plan checklist

After securing a job of his choice, Rakesh wanted to immediately invest in a term insurance policy as he had realised that term insurance policies were among the bet…

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7 Mistakes to avoid when planning to buy term insurance plans

Term insurance plan is an essential investment you should start as early as possible. However, while buying term insurance make sure you do not commit these 7 common mi…

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7 reasons why a life insurance claim may be rejected

reasons why your claim can be rejected

Death is inevitable, but the impact can be minimised through proper planning and awareness. Many people are the sole breadwinners in their family. Their untimely and unf…

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7 things to know about the tax benefits of ULIPs

tax benefits of ULIPs

are one of the best tax-saving investment tools available to investors today. It offers dual benefits of wealth creation and …

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8 Tax saving instruments you should know about

Tax saving instruments you should know

Though most working professionals have not studied law, nearly all have heard about Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. What makes the section so popular and import…

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9 Things you can Expect from Your Online Term Insurance Plan

Term Insurance expectation

Buying online is fast and cost-effective. We factor your needs and curate options within the term plan that are the best for you. If you are conf…

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A comprehensive guide to understanding child plans in insurance

Child insurance and investment plan

A strong foundation of good education, moral values, discipline and health prepares a child to succeed in life and that primary responsibility lies on you as parents. Bu…

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Benefits of Unit Linked Insurance Plans

Given the wide variety of market investment options at our disposal, it can be difficult to decipher which would yield the best results to help us achieve our financial …

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All you want to know about traditional insurance plans

Advantages of Traditional life insurance plans

Traditional Life Insurance plans are known to provide multiple benefits like income return, risk cover, and tax benefits. They are insurance plans that cater to individu…

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Are term insurances portable?

Portable term insurance

Term insurance portability is a concept which by definition enables a person insured under an insurance policy to switch to another insurance provider without surren…

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Are ULIPs high- cost products? Not anymore - here's why

ULIPs Not a high cost product

United linked insurance plans (ULIPs) have long been labelled as costly investment instruments owing to various charges incurred by the investor. It’s true that the enti…

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Are We Becoming An "Ageless" Society?

Term plan helps become an ageless society

In the 1980s, India’s average lifespan was 48 years. Only two decades later, the average lifespan shot up to 62. That means a generation, only twenty years apart fro…

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Busting Top 5 myths about ULIPs


With the passage of time, it’s common for human beings to cultivate myths or false perceptions about things. Myths are old as human civilization and sometimes myths c…

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Is it possible to hold multiple term insurance plans?

Holding multiple term insurance plans

At some point in life, every individual is faced with the question, “Can I have two term policies?” Yes, say experts. Although is much cheaper than the …

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How to buy a term insurance for your parents?

term insurance for your parents

Ankit had recently gotten a job with an international corporation in his city. As all children care for their parents, Ankit too cared dearly for his parents’ well-being…

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Buying term insurance online? Here's what you need to know!

Buying term insurance online - know it all

Being the bread earner of the family, we all strive hard to give the best without any hassles. However, as they say life is uncertain, an untimely death of the bread…

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Can Death Be Denied? A Brief History Of Humanity’s Obsession With Immortality

Humanity’s Obsession With Immortality

Humans are perpetual seekers, intrigued by everything enigmatic and ambiguous. The eternal quest for immortality is one such fascinating subject that cuts across time an…

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Can You Get Life Insurance If You Smoke Cigarettes?

Getting Insurance After Smoking Cigarettes

When it comes to providing for and protecting our family’s futures, people are always ever-ready to go the extra mile. That is why term insurance policies have become in…

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Changing nominee in term insurance: A step by step guide

Changing nominee in term insurance

Kenneth Mathew is a wealthy realtor who has accumulated vast amounts of assets and money from a lucrative business and financial investments in his lifetime. He has …

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The cheapest life insurance plan may not always be the best. Here's why

Why is cheap life insurance plan not good

work to provide financial security to your loved ones after your death. The money can be used for different things depending on the situation, …

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Choosing a life insurance firm 5 parameters on which to decide

Choosing a life insurance firm

Many people in India still rely on their neighbourhood insurance agent, neighbours, friends and families to select the best life insurance plan or a life insurance compa…

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Claiming multiple term insurances: is it possible?

How to claim multiple term insurance

Devesh wanted to purchase a life insurance plan, which would provide financial security to his dependents in case of his sudden demise. But he often pondered what would …

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Here's how you should compare term insurance options in India

compare term insurance options in India

Term insurance is the purest and most inexpensive form of life insurance available in the market today. Though term insurance premiums are light on the pocket, it offers…

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Riders in Insurance
What are Insurance Riders?

Simply put, an insurance policy rider represents a provision or modification to an existing insurance policy that provides additional c…

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Fine prints in your insurance policy that you didn’t know about.

Buying a policy is a serious decision. Many times, the 'fine print' (policy clauses on restrictions and exclusions) is overlooked, deterring you from achieving y…

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Here is the difference between life and general insurance

Difference between life and general insurance

Consider this scenario: you are planning a vacation through the colourful cities of Europe. It takes a lot of meticulous attention to detail, from bookings to itiner…

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How is a term plan with return of premium different from regular term plan?

Difference between regular & term plan with return of premium

Ankit wasn’t worried when his parents retired. He knew that both his parents had been investing in term insurance plans for many years. The entire family was reassured t…

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Difference between Term insurance plan and ULIP

Human life is fragile, and even though we don’t want to talk about the eventuality of death, the possibility is constantly looming on the horizon. It is true that yo…

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What are the different types of disability insurances?

Different types of disability insurances

With the onset of the modern lifestyle that brings several risks to us, it has become . However, if you happen to suffer from a …

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What are the documents required for online term insurance?

Documents required for term insurance plan online

Term insurance is the cheapest of all insurance products, but still only one in five Indians opt for it. As opposed to this, more than 65 percent Indians have purchased …

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Is life insurance paid out in case of suicide?

Is life insurance paid out in case of suicide?

Life insurance is bought to ensure financial protection for the loved ones by the policyholder. It is primarily intended to serve as a financial cush…

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Does Your Occupation and Hobbies Affect Your Life Insurance Premium?

Effect of occupation on insurance premium

Smoking, pre-existing diseases, and obesity can make life insurer’s wary about offering insurance coverage to you. In these cases, the hesitance bodes well, because thes…

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Does life insurance term cover disability?

Does life insurance cover disability

Deven wanted to purchase a life insurance term which would also provide benefits if he was disabled because of an accident. Recently, his friend Mahesh was completely di…

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Does term insurance cover suicide?

Term insurance covers suicide

Mr. Sehgal took a home loan of Rs. 20 lakhs against his cover of Rs. 40 lakhs. During the policy term (12 months post the issue of term policy), Mr.…

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Endowment Plans vs Term Plans vs ULIPs

Difference between Term Insurance Plan and endowment plan
Endowment Plans vs Term Plans vs ULIPs: What are the key differences

When , people hardly think more than the sum assured, premium and tenure of…

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How to ensure that your claims is never denied

You can protect the interests of your loved ones in your absence. Here are a few things to be kept in mind to ensure that your claim is paid to your family.

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What is Future Generali Lifes fund management philosophy?

Future Generali Life's fund management philosophy

The only certain thing about life is its uncertainty. Unforeseen circumstances can lead your family’s financial security under threat, and therefore it is in your best i…

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How to get affordable term life insurance quotes?

Affordable term life insurance quotes

75% of the overall insurance premium in India is accounted for by none other than the life insurance sector. In 2017-18 itself, the total premium stood at Rs 4.58 lakh c…

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What does the 'grace period' mean for term life insurance?

Grace Period in term life insurance plan

Providing a grace period for life insurance premium payments is essential because a person may not always be in a situation to make payments on the exact date. If th…

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Who is eligible to avail group term life insurance?

avail group term life insurance

Most companies offer group term life insurance coverage to their employees that ensures financial security of an employee’s family even after his demise. It is aimed…

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As an employee can I avail a term life insurance plan through my employer?

Group term life insurance

Companies across the world face a common challenge – employee attrition. For most companies, talent is a rare commodity that’s trickier to scout for and retain in their …

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What is the GST rate for life insurance premiums?

GST rate for life insurance premiums

When the Goods and Service Tax (GST) was introduced in 2017, it made headlines - there was no sector in the country’s economy untouched by the reform…

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Explained: Guaranteed term life insurance

Guaranteed term life insurance

After retiring from his job, Shambhunath, 65, wanted to purchase a term insurance policy, which would provide death benefits to his family. But he had a history of lifes…

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Tips on buying term policy when you have a home loan

buying term policy when you have a home loan

Owning a home is a common financial aspiration of every individual. However, achieving it isn’t as easy as it might seem. Buying a home requires a lot of prior

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Here's How to Pick the Right Life Insurance Term Length for You

Right Life Insurance Term Length

Life insurance is among the most widely known financial planning tools today. There are plenty of reasons for its popularity – life insurance provides with a life cover,…

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Here's How Your Insurance Portfolio Should Look Like as You Age

Investment portfolio changing with age
Are ULIPs high- cost products? Not anymore - here's why

United linked insurance plans (ULIPs) have long been labelled as costly investment instruments owing to various…

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Here is how fund-switching in ULIPs helps you customise your portfolio

How Fund Switching in ULIP works and helps

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a unique financial instrument that combines aspects of both insurance and investment. Under the investment portion, ULIPs are even…

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A guide to getting a term insurance plan when you have a home loan

guide to getting a term insurance plan

Owning a home is a dream come true but it also comes with a long-term liability to pay off the loan. You have to pay a fixed amount from your salary every month to p…

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How much coverage should I opt for in my term insurance plan?

Rahul bought his first term insurance plan when he was 28 years old. At that point, he had bought a plan that provided coverage of Rs. 1 crore. It had seemed sufficient b…

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How Much Term Insurance Do Single Parents Need?

Required. Please bring the image size down to 50 KB

Being a single parent, you have to shoulder a heap of responsibilities. You are the only one who must take care of your child’s needs, nurture them, and protect them fro…

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How to Build Additional Income Stream Even Before You Retire

Are You Covered for Retirement

Retirement can be tough; however, with the right steps towards saving and investment, it can be possible to generate an additional income stream to support your reti…

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How to evaluate the best life insurance company in India

best Life Insurance Company in India Evaluation

Though the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) conducts consumer education and awareness initiatives throughout the year, insurance awareness…

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How to find right life insurance policy in 3 easy steps

Finding right Insurance Policy

How to search for the right life insurance policy?

Your friend bought a

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How to increase life insurance coverage after buying the policy

 additional life insurance coverage

Life insurance cover is supposed to provide you and your family with financial protection in the light of uncertainties related to life. One’s life and responsibilities …

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How Health Insurance Premium varies by Gender

How does gender affect your premium

With an increase in medical inflation and sedentary lifestyle-induced diseases, it has become imperative to get a to protect yourself against …

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How is term insurance covered under Section 80D?

term insurance covered under Section 80D

It is common knowledge how you can save tax by buying term insurance. As a taxpayer, both Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act of 1961 work towards your…

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Learn how to plan for Child's education expenses

Equipping your child with the best educational opportunities is always a priority. It enables them to pursue their interests and become independent and informed individuals.…

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How Today'S Families Are Different From Previous Generations

Today's Families Are Different From Previous Generations

We all have enjoyed watching family sagas unfold on the silver screen and on our television screens at home for many years now. In many ways, they reflect the change in …

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Simple Steps To Prepare For Parenthood

Steps To Prepare For Parenthood

Rahul and Shruti, who had been married for two years, just found out the greatest news of their lives - they were going to be parents! They were over the moon and soon e…

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How To Select The Best Health Insurance Plan In India

best Health Insurance Plan Selection

are contracts between insurers and policyholders whereby, the insurer pays for all the medical expenses of the policyholder (as per conditions h…

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Why women should buy life insurance?

Why women should buy life insurance

Benefits of saving in life insurance for women

Women have played a central role in household finances in India. It is not uncommon for women to be called the ‘money m…

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Is it safe to buy insurance online or should I do it offline?

Buying insurance online or offline

Mr Sharma has a family of 4, including him. He is the sole breadwinner for the family that consists of his partner and his two kids. He realised that the…

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Is term insurance valid outside India?

term insurance valid outside India

Mahesh, aged 35 years, an unmarried NRI, staying in the UK for 5 years. He was hale and healthy but lost his life in a terrible accident in the UK, on an unfortunate day…

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Is the health of your family at risk

Why not to risk your family's health

For many of us, keeping our family happy and healthy is our main priority. Unfortunately, there are some things we can’t predict. Accidents, health issues or long-te…

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A guide to getting a joint term life insurance policy for a couple

joint term life insurance policy for a couple

Traditionally in India, it has been the male member who opts for life insurance as the sole breadwinner for the family. However, with more women joining the workforc…

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Lesser Known Factors that Influence Your Life Insurance Premium

Factors Influencing your insurance premium

We usually call up our insurance agent to buy or renew an insurance plans. The agent gives us a quote for the insurance plan; however, someone else you know paid a diffe…

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My parents are 60+ and uninsured. What do I do?

Insurance for senior citizens

As a child, Nitin’s parents had always put his comfort before their own. While not very educated themselves, they had ensured that enough money had been saved for his ed…

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Life Without Life Insurance: Know the Consequences

Life Without Insurance

Life is full of uncertainties, and we have no way of knowing what’s in store for us tomorrow. Uncertainties together? You should prepare for the contingency from day one…

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10 pieces of jargon you should know before buying life insurance

Life Insurance jargons

Being the sole breadwinner of his family, Abhishek wanted to purchase a life insurance policy so that his family had financial security, if he was not around. Many times…

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What is limited pay in term insurance?

Limited pay in term insurance Plan
What is limited pay in term insurance?

Sunil is in his late 20s and has recently been promoted to a higher position in his company. However, in the next five years or …

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Do online term plans require a medical exam?

Medical exam for term Insurance Plan

Ramesh took a term plan which did not need a medical check-up. However, when his terminal illness took the better of him, the insurance company refused the claim and he …

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What kind of health check up do I need to get while buying life insurance

health Check-up while buying insurance

A term insurance policy provides your family with a safeguard against the uncertainty that surrounds life. It lets you take care of your family - ev…

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Life Insurance Policy

Mistakes to avoid while buying Life insurance plan

When we buy a product or hire a service, we are looking at fulfilling a need, want or a desire. To put it in other words, through the benefits of a product or a serv…

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The 10 most common life insurance queries

Most common life insurance queries

Gaurav, a 30-year-old graphic designer, had just received a big promotion and was chuffed about the bigger pay check he had received this month. In his four years of…

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Should you buy a one-time premium insurance plan?

one-time premium insurance plan

Millions of people die a sudden, unpredictable death every year due to accidents, diseases or calamities. The death of a bread-earning member can have a huge financi…

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Can I increase my term life insurance?

How to increase term insurance coverage

Sudesh and his wife recently had a baby girl. After this news, they were both brimming with joy. They organised a get together of family and friends a few months later t…

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Useful Tips to manage your policy for better benefits

  • Receipt of policy

    Follow up with your insurance company or advisor if you do not receive your policy within 15 days of completing and submitting the application.

  • Check p…

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What is the premium for a term insurance of 50 lakhs?

Premium for term insurance for 50L

Being the sole breadwinner of his family, Kartar Singh, aged 35, wanted to safeguard his family from any financial peril in the case of any unfortunate eventuality. …

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Do's and Don’t's after buying an insurance policy

Do and don’t of insurance

It is important to protect your policy from any unscrupulous/unauthorised elements posing as company representatives. Here are a few do's and don'ts that w…

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What is a pure term insurance plan for home loan?

pure term insurance plan for home loan

Five years ago, 35-year old Satwik availed a home loan of Rs. 50 lakhs for a loan tenure of 20 years. He is self-employed and runs a successful battery business. Given t…

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What is the Life Insurance Council and what role does it play?

Life Insurance Council its role

The insurance industry has grown significantly over the years. According to a July 2019 report, the gross premiums in India reached Rs 5.53 trillion (US$ 94.48 billi…

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The Science Behind Common Home Remedies

Science behind home made remedies

No matter how old you are, you always run to their mother or grandmother and ask her to make the magical mixture of kaadha when they have a cold, cough, or any other sma…

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Single premium term plan: a comprehensive guide

Single premium term plan

When you start planning your financial future and begin evaluating investment opportunities, you will have access to a host of products to choose from. You will like…

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Surrender Value: can you surrender a term life insurance policy?

can you surrender a term life insurance policy

The period of an insurance policy is generally based on the goals that the policy is purchased to achieve. The question ‘can you surrender a term life insurance poli…

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Up to what age can I get term life insurance coverage?

Age for term insurance coverage

India still lags far behind in providing adequate life insurance protection to its citizens. Life insurance penetration, which is new business premium for the year c…

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How are critical illnesses dealt with in term insurances?

Critical illness and term insurance

killed nearly 2.8 million Indians in 2016. The incidence of death due to heart ailments has doubled from 1.3 million in 1990. Cancer, anoth…

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Here's how a term insurance benefits your family

Term insurance benefits for your family

The incident of Sheetal’s mother passing away had shaken the entire family on a fundamental level. Thankfully, there had been no financial setback since the insurer …

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How to choose a term insurance as an NRI

Term Insurance plan for NRI

Raghu, a resident of Canada, wanted to purchase a term insurance plan in India to secure the financial requirements of his family in case of any eventualities. But being…

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Here are 5 things you hear that might not be true about term insurance

Term insurance myth buster

Many people feel that buying insurance can burn a hole in their pockets. It is not surprising then that insurance penetration in India is the lowest among several countr…

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Can housewives take term insurance

Can housewife buy term insurance

Mrs Sen likes staying at home and taking care of the family. She is a housewife, a homemaker. She takes pleasure in making sure that everything is in order — the kid…

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Do term plans have maturity benefits

Term Plans with Maturity Benefits

Rajesh and Akash were colleagues and Rajesh was trying to explain Akash how term life insurance was absolutely necessary for a salaried person starting a family. Akash, …

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How can senior citizens avail term insurance?

Term insurance for senior citizens

Mr Verma was a diabetic in his 60s and had also been on medicines for high blood pressure. Both his sons were settled abroad. Off late, he had been constantly worrie…

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Can I get premium payments back in a term plan

get premium payments back in a term plan

Kesavan, a non-smoker, is 60 years old and he has purchased a term insurance policy cover of Rs. 50 lakhs at a yearly premium of Rs.5000 for a 20-year tenure when he was…

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Not sure how return of premium term plans work? Here's a comprehensive guide

how return of premium term plans work

Tony, who is 35 years old, bought a 30-year . He pays an annual premium of Rs. 12000. He ends up paying Rs.3,60,000 over the duration of…

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Is the returned premium of a term plan tax-free?

returned premium of a term plan tax-free

Ankit was 25 years of age when he heard about term insurance. So, he asked his father one day, His father had no clue. It was the year 2…

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13 Things You Should Accomplish Before You Turn 30

Things You Should Accomplish Before You Turn 30

For a generation that has grown up on a steady diet of Hollywood movies, ‘13 Going on 30’ rings a bell. The rom com centres on 13-year-old Jenna Rink who wants to be “t…

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Think you Don’t Need Term Insurance? Think Again

Think again if you need term insurance

In India, most individuals start thinking about term insurance, only when they get married or have children. In short, we believe that buying term insurance is something…

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Three Things You Can Gift Your Parents with Term Insurance

Parents and Term Insurance

Usually, parents buy term plans to safeguard their children's future. However, there is no hard and fast rule for the reverse cover. Even children can buy term plans…

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How to pick the best term insurance plan: 5 tips

pick the best term insurance plan

Neel’s first encounter with death was at the age of 15, when his favourite uncle passed away. The whole family was miserable but nobody more so than his wife and two…

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ULIPs do not invest only in equities. Here's why

ULIPs not only invest in equities

A Unit Linked Insurance plan performs the dual functions of protection with insurance, and wealth creation through investment in the long run. A ULIP scheme diverts …

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What is group insurance What are its benefits

group insurance its benefits

As the name suggests, group insurance is designed to cover a defined group of people. These people are usually employees of an organisation, members of a…

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Understanding the monthly income plan in term insurance

Monthly Income Plan in Term insurance

When an individual is not financially trained, handling a large sum of money to the tune of Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore or more can be overwhelming. Imagine a scenar…

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Benefits of Term Life Insurance
What is Term Insurance?

Term insurance is a kind of life insurance policy that provides coverage for a limited duration, or a particular ‘term’ period. If the pol…

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What Should You Do with a Term Insurance Payout?

myths about investing in ulip plans

“Financial Security Against Life’s Uncertainties. Peace of Mind. Funding Financial Goals.”

While purchasing a term insurance policy, we often talk about its value in t…

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What are convertible term insurances?

 convertible term insurances

As you know, term insurance is the cheapest form of insurance that offers pure protection to its policyholder. All the premiums paid by you go towards the cost of insura…

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Pure term insurance plans: all you need to know

Pure term insurance plans

A pure term insurance plan is a traditional life insurance product that provides financial coverage to an insured’s family in the event of his death. The tenure of t…

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What are the steps to buy term insurance online?

Steps for buying Online Term insurance plan

Your love for your family knows no bounds - but money does. You wouldn’t want money to become a reason for your family’s plight in the unfortunate event of your untimely…

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What are the 2 main types of life insurance?

Type of Insurance Policy

Life insurance provides financial protection to the family and dependents of the policyholder in the unfortunate event of his death. Realising this importance, one may d…

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What is an accidental death benefit rider & it's benefits?

Accidental Death Benefit Rider in insurance

, additional benefits that you can add to your term life insurance plan, over and above the basic insurance coverage. They add on to your premiu…

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What is an annuity plan: how it works, it’s type & benefits

How is annuity plan and how it works
What are Annuity Plans?

With the rising costs of living, ever-increasing medical inflation and higher life expectancy, it has become imperative that you plan for …

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What is the Insurance Ombudsman and when should you approach it?

Insurance Ombudsman

One of the founding principles of is to provide financial security to the insured individuals in the time of need. When someone purchases an in…

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What is life insurance and why do I need it

What is life insurance and why buy life insurance

Being an optimist is great—better than being a pessimist! But it pays to be prepared for every eventuality, even if you're sure everything will be fine.

So maybe …

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Everything you need to know about Morningstar Fund Ratings

Everything about Morningstar Fund Ratings

If you are even remotely interested in investing or in the market, you would have been directed to Morningstar as a resource for making an informed decision. As a na…

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What is terminal illness cover?

Terminal Illness insurance Cover

The diagnosis of a terminal illness can have a debilitating impact on an individual's family and life, not to mention the toll regular hospital visits, doctors treat…

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What is the impact of age on life insurance premiums?

Impact of age on life insurance premium

At what age should one reasonably get a life insurance policy? Your neighbour may already have a life insurance policy, even though he is only 24 years old. You migh…

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What is the impact of smoking on health and life insurance premiums

Impact of smoking on your insurance premium amount

Are you a habitual or chain smoker? If yes, then you should know that the puff of smoke is not the only thing thinning as you inhale nicotine wrapped in cigarettes. Your…

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What is ULIP and How ULIP Works
What is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan?

, or ULIP for short, is a financial instrument which performs the dual functions of insurance and i…

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What kind of deaths are not covered in term insurance

Types of deaths not covered under term insurance

come with affordable premium rates and provide financial protection to the family of the insured, in case of any eventuality. A lump sum death bene…

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Which Type of Deaths are Covered by Term Insurance?

Type of Deaths are Covered by Term Insurance

Understanding the definitive types of deaths covered by insurance companies is crucial when opting for a particular plan or rider. We should make particular note of the …

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How term insurance plans are helping improve India's insurance coverage ratio

improving India's insurance coverage ratio

Indians have very low regard about life insurance and term insurance in general. Perhaps this is the reason why life insurance coverage in India is just 25%. 988 mil…

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Why Regular Health Check-Up Is Important For Detecting Early Signs Of Critical Illness

Detecting Early Signs Of Critical Illness

Most people believe that regular health check-ups are only essential for people already diagnosed with an illness. But this is a huge misconception. Sometimes, a critica…

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Why you should invest in a Term Insurance Plan before 40?

Term Insurance Plan before 40

Your family is one of the most important part of your life. All the effort and wealth we build over time is for the family to have a good lifestyle and have a stable…

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Your life insurance may need to be more than 1 crore Here's why

Devendra had purchased a term insurance plan worth Rs 50 lakh when he started a job. But over the years, he settled down, got married, and now has two children. Now he fe…

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This Festive Season, Gift Your Loved Ones the Gift of Financial Security


Festivals are a time to come together and celebrate. As a child, we all loved festivals because they always led to gifts. The excitement of tearing the wrapping paper of…

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