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Future Generali Group Gratuity Plan

Future Generali Group Gratuity Plan

  • About

    Specifically designed for companies that offer gratuity benefit to their employees

  • Gratuity Benefits

    As per scheme rules

  • Death Benefits

    Rs 1,000/- per annum

  • Member’s Age at Entry

    18 to 69 years

  • Minimum Floor Rate

    1% per annum

  • Minimum Initial Contribution Amount

    Rs 5 Lakhs

  • Mode of Payment


  • Minimum Group Size


  • Additional Term Cover


  • Tax Benefit


Why Buy the Group Gratuity Plan?

  • The plan provides flexible options to employers to effectively manage their gratuity liabilities.
  • You get guaranteed returns with Minimum Floor Rate of 1% per annum which is credited quarterly in advance.
  • You also get an additional interest rate that is over and above the Minimum Floor Rate, which is declared in advance for each quarter.
  • You get the expertise of our investment team to manage your fund.

How it Works



  • In case of separation of an employee due to any reason, a lump sum amount i.e. the Gratuity Benefit as per the scheme rule will be paid.
  • In the unfortunate event of a member passing away, Death Benefits of Rs. 1,000/- will be paid to his / her family along with Gratuity Benefit as per the group insurance scheme rule.

Target Group
For employer who want to effectively manage their gratuity liabilities


Member’s Age at Entry18 to 69 years Minimum Contribution at Scheme Level 5 Lakhs Minimum - Maximum Sum Assured 1,000/- (Per Member) Fixed Member’s Maximum Age at Maturity70 years
Policy Term (PT)One Year (Renewable) Minimum Size of the Group10 members



  • Mortality Charge will be deducted from the group insurance policy account.


  1. The liability of the Insurer at any time will be limited to the balance in the group insurance policy account.
  2. The Insurer will only be concerned with fund management. The client company will have to bear any shortfall in funds, if it arises at any time.


Future Generali Group Gratuity Plan (UIN: 133N045V02)

  • Tax benefits are subject to change as per tax laws.
  • For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure and/ or sample policy document on our website carefully and/ or consult your advisor before concluding the sale.
  • Insurance is subject matter of solicitation.


You have a period of 15 days (30 days if the policy is sold through Distance Marketing Mode) from the date of receipt of the Policy document to review the terms and conditions of the group insurance policy. If you are not satisfied with or disagree with any of the terms and conditions, you have the option to Cancel/withdraw and return the group insurance policy along with a letter (dated and signed) stating your intention to cancel the Policy and reasons for the objections/Cancellation, within this period. Cancellation of Policy and refund of premium is allowed under this provision, whereby the amount payable on such cancellation will be equal to the total premium paid less a proportionate cost of insurance for the period of cover and expenses towards Policy stamp duty and medical examination, if any.

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