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Life Insurance Plans

Life insurance is an irreplaceable part of a sound financial plan. It helps in securing your family’s financial future in case of an unfortunate event like your untimely death. It also provides you with a financial backup in case of an accident or any other event which may cause temporary or permanent disability and therefore loss of income.

Life insurance also helps as an investment tool. It builds your wealth in a planned manner to meet your financial goals and future expenses such as buying a new house or paying for your child’s education or marriage. It also helps plan for retirement.

Future Generali offers different kinds of simple-to-understand life insurance policies. These plans will help meet your various needs such as protection, savings, investments, child’s education, health etc.

  • Online Plans

    Online Life insurance plans

    Today, we live a digital life which is all about convenience. We have a range of Protection, Investment and Health Products that you can buy and renew online anytime, anywhere within a few clicks/swipes.

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  • Savings Plans

    Insurance Saving Plans

    Savings are a key to meeting your goals in life. We offer a range of saving plans which will help you save to meet short-term or long-term goals and provide a life cover at the same time. So whether you intend to buy a car/house, send your child to a top B School or build a corpus for your retirement, our savings products will help you achieve your goals in a systematic and planned manner along with the added advantage of tax benefits.

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  • Investment Plans (ULIP)

    Investment Plans (ULIP)

    Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) give you the benefit of market-linked returns along with a life insurance cover. ULIPs are wealth-building solutions that fulfil your medium or long-term financial goals. These plans let you select and invest you money in equity and debt funds that have low, medium or high risk depending on your risk taking ability.

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  • Term Insurance Plans

    protection plans

    The basic principle of life insurance is to provide financial protection to the family of the insured person. Our Protection Plans are built on affordability and designed to protect you and your family in case of unforeseen events like Disability, Death or Accidental Death.

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  • Health Insurance Plans

    Health Insurance Plans

    Healthcare costs are on the rise. It is therefore important that you plan for financial security of yourself and your family in case of any medical emergency. Our affordable health plan covers critical illness like Cancer.

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  • Child Plans

    Child Education Plans

    The cost of education is growing exponentially. At the same time, there is fierce competition to secure admission to top B Schools. You need to have a sound financial plan to ensure that you give your children the right platform to succeed in life. Our Child Plan ensures that your children meet their goals come what may.

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  • Retirement Plans

    Retirement Plans

    Have you realised that you may spend nearly 20 years or more of your life as a retired person? Which means you will live without an income for as much as 50% of your working life. Given the increasing trend in inflation, you need to plan for your retirement, today! Our financial plans will help you experience financial independence at retirement.

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  • Rural Plans

    Rural Plans

    Every Indian should have the opportunity to buy life insurance and secure his/her life. Rural insurance plans are designed to offer a low cover at lower premiums, which will help meet the requirements of people from any part of India.

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  • Group Plans

    Group Plans

    Human capital is valuable to any organisation. Hence, companies insure their employees. With Future Generali Group Plans offer the best to your employees or group members. These plans are ideal for institutions and groups. These group insurance plans allow businesses to manage facilities and extend options like gratuity, leave encashment, superannuation, life insurance, and loans.

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