Future Generali

Future Generali - Jan Suraksha Plus


Death benefit: 5 times the Single Premium (excluding applicable taxes and extra premiums, if any)

Maturity Benefit at end of the policy term:

Age Band Single Premium (exclusive of taxes)
  Rs2,500 Rs3,000 Rs4,000 Rs5,000
18-25 Rs3,250 Rs3,975 Rs5,500 Rs7,125
26-30 Rs3,200 Rs3,900 Rs5,400 Rs7,000
31-35 Rs3,125 Rs3,825 Rs5,300 Rs6,875
36-40 Rs3,000 Rs3,675 Rs5,100 Rs6,625
41-45 Rs2,875 Rs3,525 Rs4,900 Rs6,375
46-50 Rs2,550 Rs3,150 Rs4,400 Rs5,750