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Whistle blowing channels


The Code of Conduct of Future Generali India Life Insurance Company encourages Employees to speak up and report any conduct that seems potentially to violate the law, the Code of Conduct itself or other internal regulation, as violations may threaten the profitability, endanger the business and affect the reputation of the Company.

All Employees have the right to work in an ethical work environment. With that right comes the responsibility of acting in a correct and ethical manner in the workplace, as well as in the relationship with other third parties. An open and ethical environment helps the Company to improve, protect and nourish a culture which drives actions, fuels motivation and cements bonds, even beyond simple work interactions.

It is a right and a duty of each Employee to highlight if something constitutes an obstacle to a free and fair work environment, or if someone is not acting correctly in accordance with the Company’s Code of Conduct.

If you would like to raise a concern about past irregularities, potential irregularities, governance weaknesses, financial reporting violation or code of conduct violations, you may communicate through any one of the following channels:

    1. Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited: whistleblower@futuregenerali.in

    2. Generali group compliance toll-free number: 000 117, and dial 855 657 8023 at the English prompt for callers from India

    3. The web form available at secure.ethicspoint.eu, (enter organisation name as ‘ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI' in search option)

Please refer Whistleblower policy of the Company for more details.