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4 Factors You Should Consider if You have a low risk appetite

Factors to Consider if You have a low risk appetite

When you decide to invest your hard-earned money, it's tempting to look for investments that speak of "huge returns" in a short period. Though you do have a probability of making a large return, you have a much larger probability of losing your money.

Hence, many investors shy away from taking risk and invest in safer options, especially, the investors who prefer to be safe than sorry. Safe investors usually find it difficult to digest the vo…

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How To Become A Millionaire- 4 Steps to Become Wealthy

A Millionaire

Many Individuals aspire to become a millionaire, but only handful of them push themselves hard enough to achieve this goal. Today, when being a billionaire is the new focus for the wealthy, becoming a millionaire is a possibility for many, and it generally boils down to rational thinking and occasional calculated risks. Moreover, there are no tricks or scams involved in getting that millionaire tag, just good old-fashioned consistent and disc…

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How much should you Invest in a ULIP to Achieve Your Goal?

ULIP investment

Ask any person which type of life insurance he/she purchased in the past year or so and the chances are high that the answer you get will be “Unit Linked Insurance Plan” (ULIP). ULIPs have been selling like 'hot cakes' in the past few years,and they are probably going to keep on outselling their plain vanilla counterparts going ahead.

As far as investing in ULIP is considered, there are two types of investors. First, who know how much they wa…

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ULIP Benefits: 7 Unique Advantages where ULIP score over other savings plan

ULIP Benefits and advantages

Financial planning is critical for every individual, be it for providing financial aid to the family or securing a financial future for them. And with various financial product…

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7 Tips to Create a Diversified Investment Portfolio

7 Tips to Create a Diversified Investment Portfolio

One of the most important rules of investing is that you shouldn’t have all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is the key word when it comes to proactive financial plann…

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7 Investment Options Every Millennial Should Consider

7 Investment Options Every Millennial Should Consider

The way that millennials invest their money is very different from the way their parents did. Millennials tend to have a much larger risk appetite, and they look for innovativ…

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How to Save Money from Your Monthly Salary

How to save money from your monthly salary

"It is easier to talk about saving money than it is to put it into practice."

You’ve probably been told that if you start saving money in your 20’s, you'll thank yourself in your …

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Why Are Savings Necessary?

why are savings necessary

The ongoing pandemic has ensured that people learned the hard way the importance of savings. There have reportedly been instances where people have had to break their fixed deposi…

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6 Tips to Save Money with a Low Income

A man picking coins from jar

People with a low income struggle to save because they are either not left with enough after expenses or are not in the habit of saving. Irrespective of how people manage their fi…

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If you're planning to play safe & smart in your wealth creation journey as a safe investor you can start investing in a ULIP Plan/policy towards your long-term goals.

Wealth Creation Ideas

Who does not want to create wealth? Everyone wants it but many struggle as they believe that only people having high salaries or having large businesses can achieve it. The fac…

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5 compelling Reasons to Invest in Life Insurance

Reasons to Invest in Life Insurance

The importance of investing in life insurance cannot be stressed enough. Life insurance is designed to offer financial safeguards against death of the policyholder and also wor…

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5 Myths about ULIPs you must stop believing

5 Myths about ULIPs

Naresh and his wife were recently blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Realising that it was now finally the time to secure his family's future, Naresh started looking f…

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How ULIPs provide the flexibility with switches and partial withdrawal?

ulip plan switches partial withdrawals

What does your wish list look like?
Do you wish to buy your own home?
Do you wish to take a luxury family vacation?
Do you wish to own a high-end car?

Your wishlist need not be…

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5 Things to check before you select the right ULIP

Selecting the Right ULIP

Imagine you are on the lookout for the perfect wedding outfit for an important occasion. You can't possibly buy the first thing you see, now can you? You need to find one that …

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Guide To Make Your Personalized Investment Plan

Investment plan

Making a personalized investment plan requires a little more than simply building up an investment account. In order to design a plan that is right, it's imperative to comprehe…

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Have Your Started Investing to save Tax? Here's Why Now Is the Best time

Tax saving investment

The last-minute rush can cost individuals a pretty penny, especially when it comes to tax-saving. And, what do you believe is the explanation behind such remarkable delay to in…

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Tips to Make Your Money Work as Hard as You Do

Making your Money work hard

‘Making money’ and ‘making your money work for you’ are two different things and each one is as thought-provoking as the other. Often people are so caught up in the rat-race of…

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5 Reasons Why Ad Hoc saving is Not Enough to Make You Financially Independent

Financial independence has a different meaning for everyone, depending on their circumstances and personalities. For some, it is career progression and job security, while for …

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Investment Guide For The Financially Challenged

Investment Guide Financially Challenged

Do you get put off when people talk about investments? If your answer is yes or may be , we recommend that you go through this article with a hope that you stay awake till the …

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How to decide between investing in Equities and ULIPS?

decide between investing in Equities and ULIPS?

When it comes to investing,often two products are talked about the most, Stocks and Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs).Clearly different, yet these products are fundamentally …

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4 Factors You Should Consider if You have a low risk appetite

Invest Aggressively

If the agony of the recession is fresh in your mind and your stomach churns at the thought of suffering losses, you would rather want to play it safe in the investment world. I…

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Financial Planning and ULIPS: A Match Made in Heaven

Financial Planning and ULIPS - how it works together

Ever wondered why certain combinations like coffee and bagel, burger and fries, idly and sambhar or mac n cheese are a cut above the rest? It’s because individually, each of th…

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5 Tax Saving Options for You Right Here at Future General Life Insurance

tax Saving options by Future generali India life

The basic key to financial prosperity is timely savings. Which is why making efforts and finding out ways to save your hard-earned money is essential. One such way to save mone…

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5 major milestones you should save for using a savings plan

When should a savings plan be used

“Money is such an incredible teacher, what you choose to do with your money shows whether you are truly influential or incapable."

Well, if you use your money smartly you will …

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Know the Gift That Keeps Giving Long After the Festivities Are Over

Give Term Insurance a s Gift

Diwali is just around the corner, and it’s time for colourful decorations, blingy lights, mouth-watering sweets and more importantly, tons of gifts. During festivities people b…

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How does marriage affect your tax and investment decisions?

Marriage affecting your investment decision

Suresh, 27, works for one of the largest IT companies in the country. He likes to travel and has a passion for photography. Naturally, he allots a bulk of his salary to travell…

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Here's How Risk-Averse Investors Should Invest in ULIPs

Risk-Averse Investors Should Invest in ULIPs

In the world of investments, risk and returns go hand in hand. Therefore, the higher the risk, more is the return on investment.

Regarding market-linked investment products, eq…

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What Returns Should You Expect from Your ULIP investments?

ULIP Returns expectations

ULIPs have emerged as an attractive investment option under the revised IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) guidelines. The cost and fees structure o…

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What are the 5 safest and 5 riskiest investment options?

5 safest and 5 riskiest investment options

Finding a clear direction to grow wealth or to create a financial shield to protect our family during tough times can be difficult. As an investor, it is important to find the …

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3 things to keep in mind while calculating your ULIP returns

calculating your ULIP returns

As he reached his mid-thirties and his kids started school, Rajan decided he needed to begin diversifying his investments. He had never really utilised the wide array of invest…

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Attention Parents! Here's Why You Should Invest in Child Education Plans

Invest In Child Education Plans

Your child has dreams. He or she might want to explore the space, scale Mt. Everest or even conquer the whole world. And as a parent, you would want to make sure they keep doin…

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Calculating ULIP returns: Benefits of early investing from your 20s and 30s

Calculating ULIP returns

Manish’s father always had one piece of advice for him growing up. “Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Make sure to start your investments early, so that you can reap consoli…

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What is fund switching in ULIPs?

fund switching in ULIPs

Ashok was planning to invest in a Unit-Linked Insurance plan (ULIP) to have an insurance policy which would also provide returns on a part of the premium. Though he was aware o…

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10 things you should know about ULIP plans before investing in them

Know about ULIP

Tejas and Prachi recently made their friends and families very happy when they announced their engagement. The couple met on their first day of college, five years ago, and are…

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5 features of savings plans that you need to know

features of savings plans

Sumarg, aged 45 works in a private firm. In ten years from now, he plans to perform his daughter’s marriage but has no funds saved up yet for the big event. At 55, he would not…

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5 reasons why ULIP plans are one of the best retirement planning instruments

ULIP is best for retirement

A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a product that offers a dual benefit of insurance and investment. By opting for a ULIP, you will be paying a periodic premium that will p…

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Here is why you should not worry about short term market volatility with ULIPs

Not to worry about market volatility with ULIPs

United-linked Insurance Plans, or ULIPs, have turned out to be a popular investment as they provide the features of both insurance and investment under a single integrated plan…

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How do savings plans work and why you should consider one?

How do savings plans work and why you should consider one?

Anuj, aged 35 years, is single and unmarried. He works as a media consultant and is a spendthrift who has a fetish for electronic gadgets. He also loves partying every alternat…

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How ULIPs solve two problems at once - insurance and investment

ULIPS solving investment and insurance problems

If you’re a new entrant into the world of financial services, or have just begun to invest and save, you know how confusing the process can be. With hundreds of financial produ…

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Picking the right savings plan: a 5 point checklist

Selecting the right saving plan

Jerry aged 27, has no savings so far, and wants to invest in a savings plan. For the sake of higher returns, he purchased a ULIP that invested only in high risk equities. By th…

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What are the factors that impact the returns on your ULIPs?

Factors Affecting ULIP returns

When Priyanka first bought a ULIP plan , she was excited about starting her investment journey. She had just gotten her first job and never tried her hand at investing before. …

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Do ULIP plans invest only in equity?

ULIP plans invest only in equity

Harish was planning to invest in a Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) to have an insurance policy, which would also provide returns on a part of the premium. He was, however, co…

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I have a low risk appetite. Should I invest in ULIPs?

Should I invest in ULIP
What are ULIPs?

A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is an innovative, two-in-one product offering that provides you with an insurance cover as well as an investment opportunity…

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Is a savings plan a safe way to build up my savings for the long run?

How to safely invest in savings plans

Laxmi, aged 45 years, is a widow who runs a supermarket, and wants to build a savings corpus that can sustain her when she hangs up her boots at 60. Given the financial risks s…

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5 reasons why you should invest in a ULIP

reasons why you should invest in a ULIP

Unit-Linked Insurance Plan is a product that offers dual benefits of insurance as well as investment. In this case, the premium paid is divided into two parts—one to offer life…

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A guide to premium redirection in ULIPs

premium redirection in ULIPs

Manish had purchased a ULIP five years back. He had accumulated a considerable corpus by now and was happy with his investment. However, with the uncertainty in market conditio…

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Are ULIP returns taxable

Are ULIP returns taxable

ULIPs come with a lock-in of 5 years which can help you inculcate a habit of disciplined investing. Since ULIP is a long-term insurance contract, investing in a si…

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Do I lose a lot of money to fees and charges in ULIPs

fees and charges in ULIPs

Goal-based investments are crucial for investors who closely track their corpus and want to see it grow steadily over time. An increasing number of young professionals are now …

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Fund value in ULIP what is it and how is it calculated

Fund value in ULIP

ULIP is a mix of both investment and insurance. As a hybrid product, a part of the premium paid in Unit Linked Investment Plan goes in life cover and the remaining amount gets …

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Mortality charges in ULIPs - A detailed guide

Mortality charges in ULIPs

Sandeep, a 35-year-old advocate purchased a 10-year ULIP type-I with an annual premium of Rs. 1,20,000 and a sum assured of Rs. 12,00,000. The death benefit payable in this ULI…

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What does ULIP Nav mean and how is it calculated

ULIP Nav calculation

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) have enjoyed an increasing popularity over the years due to their hybrid nature which provides you the assurance of a life cover while also …

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When is the right time to switch funds in a ULIP

right time to switch funds in a ULIP
What is fund switching?

Switches are options given to policyholders of ULIPs to move their investments from one fund to another, within one plan. You can transfer units fully o…

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Will I be taxed if I surrender ULIP after 5 years

Tax if I surrender ULIP after 5 years

ULIPs can be considered as those useful financial tools that can be used to bridge the gap between the various investment options along with the added advantage of…

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Here are the tax implications for ULIPs on surrender

tax implications for ULIPs on surrender

Most investors invest in ULIPs as they are most viable tax saving instrument, It is so because they are a hybrid of both insurance and investment instruments, whic…

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Is income tax to be paid on ULIP surrender?

Why you should not surrender ULIP

Most investors invest in ULIPs as they are one of the most viable tax saving instrument. It is so because they are a hybrid of both insurance and investment instru…

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Surrendering a ULIP Step by step guide

Surrendering ULIP and its down sides

Traditionally in India, life insurance has always been looked upon as an investment product. ULIPs were launched to satisfy investors’ needs of owning an insurance…

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What does it mean to surrender a ULIP?

surrender a ULIP

Varun Behl, 65, was urged to buy a 10-year unit-linked insurance policy (ULIP) policy by his relationship manager. The annual premium paid towards the ULIP was Rs. 1, 20,000. U…

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Can NRIs invest in ULIPs?


As far as investment in India is concerned, NRIs can very much invest in ULIPs as per the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). They are considered as among the most popular …

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Do I get exemption on ULIPs under section 80C?

exemption on ULIPs under section 80C

Kriti had been working for a couple of years and had not hit the tax bracket yet, so she did not have to worry about deductions. After switching jobs, she found herself earning…

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Here are 5 things to keep in mind for your long term financial health

long term financial health

In 2010, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India increased the lock-in period of ULIPs from three to five years and undertook additional measures to make th…

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How does the capital gains tax work on ULIPs?

Long term Capital Gains Tax (LTCG)

One cannot stress enough on the importance of choosing a good policy that meets both your insurance and investment needs. If you are looking for a single plan which fulfils thi…

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How much is the lock-in period for ULIPs?

ULIP Lockin period

Unit linked insurance plans come with a lock-in period of five years. A lock-in period is the time-frame, i.e, five years, when the plan holder can’t withdraw or liquidate the …

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Is there any difference between ULIPs and SIPs in the long run?

Difference Between ULIP and SIP

Dilemmas are a part of our lives. Be it choosing between a wide array of evening snacks, a favorite sportsperson, or a favorite band to listen to — we tend to get confused now …

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ULIPs for senior citizens: how to invest in your grey years

ULIPs for senior citizens

Mr. Sharma retired at the age of 55 years, after a long and successful career as an architect with a prestigious firm. Goaded by his wife, he was anxious to start investing in …

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What is the LTCG tax in ULIP?

What is the LTCG tax in ULIP
ULIPs always had an edge over equity funds

Before the Union Budget was announced, ULIPs were tax free under Section 10(10d). So what happens is that from maturity to early surr…

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What is the minimum amount I need to invest in a ULIP?

minimum amount needed to invest in a ULIP

ULIPs require a minimum investment of about Rs. 1,500 per month. However, ULIPs have a lock-in period of 5 years, which means premiums have to be paid for that time period or d…

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10 most important things about budget 2021

Union Budget highlights-opt3.jpg

The highlight of The Union Budget for 2021-22 certainly is Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announcing several proposals that would work in the favour of depositors, investo…

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