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Future Generali Care Plus

Fund Allocation
Plan Details
  • 25 L
  • 35 L
  • 45 L

How to Calculate
Future Generali Dhan Vridhi Premium?



Input date of birth, gender, and smoking preference


Choose fund allocation percentage


Choose Policy type – Option A, B or C


Select Premium Payment Frequency – Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly


Select the policy term, premium payment term and Sum Assured

How Does Future Generali Dhan Vridhi Work?

Under the plan, you will have to:
  • Choose the amount and duration as per your current cash flows, financial goals and the time horizon to achieve those goals
  • Select the coverage
  • Select the fund option
  • Fill out the proposal form
  • Pay the premium.

Why Buy Future Generali Dhan Vridhi?

The plan is suitable for individuals who are looking for an investment cum insurance plan that also offers tax savings. The plan offers

  • Limited period premium payments
  • Longer investment tenure and higher returns
  • Six different fund options (debt, equity and balanced funds)
  • Seamless switching between funds
  • Partial withdrawals available after 5 years
  • Tax benefits up to Rs. 1,50,000 under Section 80C and Maturity Benefit under Section 10(10D)

Selecting the Right Benefit Amount in Future Generali Dhan Vridhi?

To select a benefit amount, consider the following factors:

Investment goals (e.g., world tour, buying a car, child’s marriage)
Premium payment ability
Future financial requirements

How to Decide the Investment and Maturity Tenure in Future Generali Dhan Vridhi?

Minimum/ Maximum Age at Maturity For 5-year Premium Paying Term - 8 to 50 years for Other terms - 8 to 60 years
Premium Paying Frequency Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly
Minimum/ Maximum Sum Assured Minimum and Maximum Sum Assured is as under:
Age < 45 years: Maximum (10, 0.5 x Policy Term) x Annual Premium
Age >= 45 years: Maximum (7, 0.25 x Policy Term) x Annual Premium
Premium Minimum = 20,000/-
Maximum = No Limit, subject to underwriting