You can protect the interests of your loved ones in your absence. Here are a few things to be kept in mind to ensure that your claim is paid to your family.

  • Correct Details

    Fill up the application form yourself and ensure that you provide the correct details asked by the insurance company.

  • Medical Tests

    Take a cover that allows the insurance company to assess your health through medical examination. The cost of medical tests is borne by the insurance company.

  • Policy Fine Print

    Read the terms and conditions carefully. Ensure that your current health, occupation or lifestyle habits do not exclude you from getting the policy benefits.

  • Timely Notifications

    Notify the insurance company if your health changes during the application process before the policy is issued. Also, keep your insurance company updated about your contact details.

  • Avoiding Policy Lapse

    Pay your premium on time to ensure that your policy benefits do not lapse.

  • Sharing Information

    Keep your nominees/beneficiaries informed about the policy, its details, and the claim process.

  • Nominee Information

    Keep nominee details updated in your policy. Remember you can change/add nominees at any point in time.