Future Generali

Self Service – SMS

To avail of this service, simply send us an SMS

  • SMS the below stated codes to us at 5607003

In case you have not registered / updated your mobile number with us then kindly do so by calling us at our toll free number 1800-102-2355

Services SMS Code
Nearest Branch NB <PIN Code>
Latest NAV NAV <Policy Number>
Latest Fund Value FV <Policy Number>
Premium Due Date PDD <Policy Number>
Current Policy status PS <Policy Number>
Last Premium Paid LPP <Policy Number>
Premium Receipt Duplicate PRD <Policy Number>
Premium Paid Certificate PPC <Policy Number>
Unit Statement US <Policy Number>
To Request Call Back CM
Register / Update Email ID UE <Policy Number> <New Email ID>


  • Please do not use any brackets or special characters (< >,(),**) with the keyword or Policy number.

For Example SMS: NAV 12345678 & send it to 5607003

  • Charges Applicable as per service provider