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Turn Around Time (TAT)

Policy Stage Service Description TAT
Pre-Issuance Processing of Proposal and Decision on the policy issuance Processing of Proposal and Communication of decisions, such as Requirements/ Medicals/ Issuance of Policy/ Declination of policy/ Postponement of policy 15 days
Post-Issuance Request for Policy Bond Request for receiving a copy of the policy bond 30 days
Free Look Cancellation Reviewing the FLC request and arriving at the decision for the request 15 days
Policy Servicing Changes or corrections in policy, change in policy features like change of nominee, Sum Assured, Contact details, Policy assignment, Policy loan and Non claim related service requests 10 days
ECS/ Standing Instructions (SI)/ Direct Debit (DD)/ ACH Registration/ Deletion/ Modification in ECS, SI, ACH and DD 5 days
ULIP transactions Switch, Premium redirection 10 days
Policy Withdrawal Surrender, Partial Withdrawal, Loan, Annuity, Pension processing 10 days
Policy Revival Revival requirements, Revival of lapsed or Discontinued policy 10 days
Claims Request for Claims Raising claim requirement after receiving claim request 15 days
Maturity Claims, Survival Benefits, Penal Interest not paid 15 days
Death Claims - settlement/repudiation with investigation 180 days
Death Claims - settlement without investigation 30 days
Grievance Acknowledgement Acknowledgement of grievance 3 days
Resolution Resolution of grievance 15 days
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