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The premium amount reflecting above is based on the details that you have entered.
Rates are for standard and healthy life and actual rates may differ depending on assessment of the proposal post underwriting. Please refer to the benefit illustration for detailed quote.

How to calculate the premiums for
Future Generali Saral Bima Plan?



Enter your details like name and date of birth


Confirm your gender and smoking habits


Select the premium payment term from the given options


Choose the payout option


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Select the desired sum assured


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How Does Future Generali New Saral Anand Work?

Our sales representative will help you:

Choose the insurance cover amount

Decide the premium payment term

Review your customised benefit illustration

Why Buy Future Generali New Saral Anand? (Talk about benefits of Plan)

The plan is suitable for individuals who are looking for:

  • A tax-saving whole life insurance plan that offers lump sum benefit
  • Coverage up to 100 years of age, with a potential upside through bonuses
Maturity Benefit
Extended Life Cover Benefit
Death Benefit
Tax Benefit
Maturity Benefit
  • You will receive a Lump Sum payout equal to 100% of the Sum Assured
  • Any declared Compounded Reversionary Bonuses, and Terminal Bonus would be added to the payout as Maturity Benefit.
Extended Life Cover Benefit
  • Insurance cover till 100 years of age
  • After the age of 100, additional Lump Sum payment equal to 100% of your Sum Assured (or Extended Cover Payout) is paid
  • In case of your unfortunate demise after maturity but before the age of 100, your nominee will receive 100% of the Sum Assured.
Death Benefit

A combination of Sum Assured, Compounded Reversionary Bonus (if any) and Terminal Bonus (if any) is paid to your nominee

Tax Benefit

Yes, up to Rs. 1,50,000 under Section 80C and Maturity Benefit under Section 10(10D)

Selecting the Right Benefit Amount in Future Generali New Saral Anand?

To select a benefit amount, consider the following factors:

Current age
Premium Payment Term
Maturity Age

How to Decide the Investment and Maturity Tenure in Future Generali New Saral Anand?

The following parameters would help you decide:
Entry Age 3 years – 50 years
Maturity Age 18 years - 70 years
Policy Term 15 to 20 years
Premium Payment Term Equal to Policy Term
Sum Assured Minimum – Rs. 1,00,000
Maximum – No Limit
Premium Payment Frequency Annual
Premium Amount Minimum Premium- Rs. 8,000
Maximum Premium- No Limit