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First things first, congratulations on becoming a part of the Future Generali India Life Insurance family!

Do you face the following issues or challenges?

  • I have multiple policies, it becomes very inconvenient to track and manage them.
  • I wish, I could access my policy round the clock.
  • I can never remember my premium due dates.
  • Where and how do I get an instant premium paid certificate?
  • Where do I get all the forms required?
  • How do I know if my application is accepted or rejected?
  • How do I fulfill my underwriting requirements? How will I know if my policy is issued or not?
  • How do I change my contact details?
  • Oh, I forgot! Today is the last day of paying the premium and I am out of town
The answer to all the above-mentioned issues or challenges is the FG Life app.

Let us have a quick look on the benefits of using the FG Life app. Here you go!

    1. Get Details of All Your Policy

      You can link multiple policies on the FG life app so that they are available digitally. Moreover, all these details can be availed even in the offline mode.

    2. Download Your Policy Documents

      All the policy-related information is handy and can be used in case of emergencies. You can access all your policy details round the clock through the FG Life app.

    1. Premium Due Date Reminders

      No more hassle of remembering your premium due dates. Once you log in to FG Life app and link your policy with all the required information, you will be reminded by the app whenever your policy is due for renewal.

    2. Instant Premium Paid Certificate

      Along with an array of insurance services available on the app, you can instantly avail your tax certificate also known as a premium paid certificate within a few clicks.

    3. Get All the Policy-Related Forms at One Place

      The app has around 30 different types of forms right from the forms required at the initial stage like the nomination form to the last stage like the claim form.

    4. Application Tracker

      Tracking the application of the purchased policy has never been easy as it is with the FG Life app. By just adding the policy number or the application number, you can track the status of your application in just 3 clicks! It is that easy!

    5. Fulfill Underwriting Requirements

      No need to run from one place to the other and waste time in long queues. You can now fulfill all your underwriting requirements directly through the FG Life app! Moreover, after fulfilling all the underwriting requirements, you can track the underwriting decision of the policy if it is issued or not. It does not end here, once the policy is issued, you can also track if the documents are sent to you or not.

    1. Change Contact Details

      On the FG Life App you can also change the contact number, email ID, update bank details, change in signature, change the communication address, update PAN card details, and many such services can be availed at the 'Service Requests' section of the app.

  1. Pay Premium on the App

    Many times we forget to pay premiums and realize at the end moment. You can now instantly pay your premiums using the FG Life App at anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can also enable the ‘Autopay’ feature on the app. Through this feature, the money will automatically be deducted from the default credit card or bank account whenever the renewal is due.

If you still haven't installed the FG Life app, this is the right time to do so.

Download the FG Life - Customer App

  • 1Simple Registration Process
  • 2Easy And Secure Login
  • 3Access policy Details 24/7
  • 4Pay Premiums Quickly
  • 5Stay Connected Digitally
  • 6Track Fund Performance & Policy Status

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