Cancer Insurance must for smokers and non smokers

It's well-known that certain lifestyle habits can increase the risk of cancer. Unknowingly we do come in contact with pool of carcinogenic substances in what we eat, drink, breathe, even within the closed doors of our home. Here’s a list of few of them:

  • Air Fresheners

    The sweet fragrance of air fresheners ensures that you come home to a sweet and fresh smell. However, air fresheners are known to include an array of hazardous substances, which may cause tumors, lung damage, and interfere with our hormones. Air fresheners produce considerable levels of formaldehyde, which is described by US government's National Toxicology Program as a known 'human carcinogen'.

  • Bottled Mineral Water Exposed to Sunlight for Hours

    Disposable plastic bottles contain a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which, as stated by many research studies, increases the risk of breast cancer. BPA is the chemical that is released into the immediate environment when plastic is heated, more often, when the mineral water bottle is left out in the sun for an extended period.

  • Talcum Powder

    We use Talcum powder every day considering it to be safe, however, people are unaware that it is made from talc, which is known to cause the rare cancer of the lung linings. Also, studies conducted by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) have demonstrated a link between perineal talc use and ovarian cancer.

  • Sunscreen

    We know how ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer. What we don’t know is that the stuff we put on our skin to shield it from the sun's exposure can likewise increase our risk of cancer. Zinc oxide, found in most sunscreens, undergoes a chemical reaction when exposed to sunlight, releasing free ions that can damage your DNA and increase the risk of skin cancer, according to the study conducted by researchers of Missouri University of Science and Technology.

  • Eating Processed Meats

    Here we are talking about meat that has been smoked, salted, cured, mainly to preserve it. A study conducted by ‘The International Agency for Research on Cancer’ has found processed meat to be carcinogenic to humans and can cause colorectal cancer.

Importance of Cancer Insurance

You can no longer turn a blind eye to the dietary and environmental factors that increase the risk of cancer. And the reality is, these carcinogens can cause malignancy irrespective of the fact that you smoke, or you don’t smoke.

Although it’s nearly impossible to avoid all carcinogens in today’s modern world, you can be fully prepared financially in case an emergency strikes. You can protect yourself from the heavy financial burden of this disease by purchasing a cancer insurance plan at the earliest.

You need a cancer insurance plan because:

  • Cancer cases in India are rising at an alarming rate
  • Cancer can affect anyone, anytime
  • Cancer treatment is expensive
  • Staying financially prepared equals to half the battle won
How Does Cancer Insurance Help?

Basic health policies only pay for inpatient hospitalisation and do not cover the entire treatment cost, mainly because many don’t buy coverage above Rs 5 lakh. Whereas, a cancer insurance plan pays a lump sum on diagnosis which can be used for treatment for most types of cancers and at any stage, early or advanced.

Moreover, the lump sum amount received on diagnosis can be used for whatever one chooses, whether for travel expenses, paying off debt, living expenses or other unexpected costs that may crop up. Most importantly, cancer insurance provides you with the lump sum amount irrespective of the actual amount spent on treatment, without the need to submit your hospital bills. Other benefits of a standalone cancer insurance plan include the multi-claim option, waiver of premium under certain conditions like early-stage cancer, monthly income up to a specific number of years and tax benefits to name a few.


We know that prevention is better than cure. However, what still is past our knowledge is the way to prevent cancer. That said, a better option is to be prepared for the worst. You must be prepaid both mentally and financially to battle this fatal ailment if it ever eclipses your life and investing in a cancer insurance plan is the best way forward.