To make sure that you have a healthy heart, you must adopt some lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk of getting heart diseases. Some of the tips you should start incorporating in your day-to-day life are: quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, maintain blood pressure and perform regular exercise. Bring in these small changes in your lifestyle habits and have a healthy heart. For any eventuality even after these precautions, keep a heart insurance handy.

9 Tips for a Healthy Heart
The heart is one of the five most vital organs of the human body and works vigorously to help us stay alive thus deserving special care and attention.

Heart diseases can hit anyone, at any age and majorly are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Small changes in our diet and lifestyle can make a real difference to your heart and health.
Stop Smoking

Stop smoking and avoid
intake of any tobacco

Be physically active

Be physically active and

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Achieve and maintain a
healthy weight

Eat fatty fish

Eat fatty fish such as
salmon, mackerel, sardines
at least twice a week

Keep your blood, sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure in check

Always keep your blood
sugar, cholesterol
and blood
in check

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly for at
least 30 minutes a day

Live stress free

Live stress-free and laugh
out loud

Good nights sleep

Get a good night's sleep of
8 hours

Moderate your alcohol consumption

Moderate your
alcohol consumption

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