Lord Ganesh - Be Your Family’s Vighnahartha. Defeat Financial Uncertainties with Life Insurance

Lord Ganesha is known as the "God of Wisdom". His large elephant head symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and discriminating intelligence that is required to achieve perfection in life.4 Lord Ganesha is renowned for clearing obstacles in life, hence his other name, Vighnaharta - the conqueror of obstacles.

A legend says that Mushakraj, formerly known as Krauncha, a celestial musician, was cursed to become a mouse due to his bad deeds. As a giant mouse, he destroyed everything that came in his way. Lord Ganesha was once invited to an Ashrama. Mushakraj stepped on the ashram and destroyed it. Lord Ganesha decided to teach the giant mouse a lesson. Lord Ganesha unleashed one of his weapons called ‘pasha’ that encircled Mushakraj's neck and brought him to Lord Ganesha’s feet. Mushakraj asked for forgiveness and Lord Ganesh accepted him as his vehicle.3

In this story, Lord Ganesh uses his weapon to defeat the Vighna (problem). That's why he is called Vighnaharta!  His actions resulted in victory because he used the right weapon, at the right time.

Similarly, you may face many financial difficulties in daily life, and at times, you have to become the Vighnaharta of your own family. But in order to win, you must have the right weapon - a good life insurance policy so that when the time comes you can use it to defeat financial uncertainties.

How is Life Insurance the Best Weapon?

Here’s how life insurance the best weapon:

  • 1. Creating wealth for your future needs and goals is possible with life insurance.
  • 2. If you have been diagnosed with a critical illness, life insurance can help you financially.
  • 3. It will provide monthly pensions (income) post-retirement.
  • 4. Goal-oriented savings for specific needs like a child’s education, marriage, maternity, buying a new house, or starting a new business are possible with a life insurance policy.
  • 5. In the event of your unfortunate death, a life insurance policy can provide income to your beneficiaries or meet their financial needs.

Just as you need various ingredients to make a complete dish, you need various types of life insurance policies for a complete financial portfolio to handle different financial problems that may arise at different stages in your life. Let’s run through the following example, which will help you understand how different insurance policies help at different life stages:

The Role of Life Insurance Policies at Different Life Stages

The Role of Life Insurance Policies at Different Life Stages.webp

With the blessings of Lord Ganesh, our Vighnaharta, make sure you have the right weapon to ensure all your endeavors run smoothly, bringing you wealth, prosperity, and success. Therefore, without further ado, connect with your financial advisor and bring peace and prosperity to your family.

The Key Takeaways!

The Key Takeaways from lord ganesha

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