Insurance for senior citizens

As a child, Nitin’s parents had always put his comfort before their own. While not very educated themselves, they had ensured that enough money had been saved for his education and he had done them proud by earning his PhD at the young age of 30 years. Soon after, they had welcomed his bride into their own home and hearts and his young son had followed soon after.

Despite being the pillar of strength his whole life, Nitin could see that his parents were aging now. Everytime he went over to meet them with his wife and son, he could see them getting older and more feeble each time. They were having bouts of illness, his father had an almost persistent cough and they needed to visit the doctor a lot more frequently than Nitin recalled him ever visiting. One day, he decided to accompany his father to the doctor and that’s when he realised that in between saving up for his education and in a bid to provide him with a great life, his parents had neglected keeping in place an insurance policy for themselves. Immediately, he began his search for the best options in life insurance for senior citizens. He browsed several websites and found that his parents could benefit from a range of policies which offered term insurance for senior citizens, as well as policies which offered health insurance benefits.

Today’s lifestyle and the increasing incidences of diseases make life insurance for senior citizens an essential requirement. As a result, most companies these days provide employees with health insurance policies and ensure that they are covered against common diseases, costs of visiting the doctor and hospitalisation, and offer several other benefits. Insurers are also becoming more competitive and offer premiums at low rates.

While looking for term insurance for senior citizens, it is best to avail health insurance benefits including cover against critical diseases. Plans like Health Total provide health insurance benefits for senior citizens, with comprehensive coverage for hospitalisation medical expenses, daycare treatment expenses and even emergency medical evacuation. Read on below to learn why term insurance for senior citizens is an essential cover that needs to be invested in at the earliest.

1. Immunity decreases with age:

The older one gets, the body’s immunity against diseases falls. It is much easier for a person to contract a critical disease when they are more than 60 years old than it would have been even when they were in their 40s. The body’s ability to fight against diseases drops, leading to a greater need for health insurance benefits. With the Health Total plan, it is also possible to opt for alternative treatment cover, which is beneficial for those looking for long-term cures.

2. Prevent drain on retirement funds:

It is much more difficult for a person to earn a regular income once they are past the age of 60 years. As a result, most people often save up for retirement several years in advance. However, as medication and hospitalisation costs increase, they often become a drain on the resources saved up over the years. Health insurance is extremely helpful for times like these, since it provides financial coverage against a host of diseases including critical illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Coverage for diagnosis, treatment and post-operative care:

When a person is young, it takes them hardly any time to return to their daily lifestyle post occurrence of even a serious disease. However, in case of senior citizens, recuperation after a serious disease takes a long time. Several times, multiple diagnoses are required to identify diseases because symptoms might be similar, and then the treatment itself could become very expensive. Since the immune system is weak, it is easy to catch a lot of secondary diseases while being treated for the primary one, and this could increase costs by a huge margin. During post-operative care, a full-time professional nurse may be required for rehabilitation which again is an expense. All of these are covered under health insurance benefits, especially with plans like Health Total which includes coverage for domiciliary hospitalisation expenses.


While most insurers do not offer life insurance for senior citizens, term insurance for senior citizens may be available with inflated premiums. However, health insurance benefits far surpass the benefits available through any other form of insurance since they provide actual medical coverage that is more necessary for senior citizens. The Health Total even provides coverage for senior citizens if they require medical treatment abroad.