Rakesh Wadhwa:

Would you expect a gradual shift in, going back to old ways once, you know, these things become normal, if at all, they can never become normal. Or do you see a different kind of response from consumers in India? Case in point being what happened to the alcohol vendors shop, the moment government announced, it's open to, do you see consumers sort of navigating or easing into new normal, or you think that it's just going to be once the lockdown gets lifted, there is a feeling of things becoming, okay.


Rama Bijapurkar:

So I have written that if you have 10, which is total transformation and one, which is what I call, “Kutte Ka dum”, which is no matter what you do, it goes back to where it is. I'm betting it at about three. I am, basing that on the few forays I have taken out every time the lockdown lifts. Liquor shops I don't know if, Question of beliefs, it's old behavior and new behavior. I think it's old behavior. I think WhatsApp and tik tok at the place where you know what it is. There's a lovely cartoon, which has the lines where the circles, where you have to stand, everybody's put their shoes in each circle and they're sitting on the side next to each other and chatting.

Some things I think are going to come back, the old way. like I think we're going to be more particular about jhuta. I think we're going to be a little more particular about leaving shoes outside the door. I have already seen with sadness that we have created a new cast system where for a while, before it became compulsory, all the hired staff in buildings and everywhere, the hired help was wearing the mask and the Maliks were not.

So I think we will clearly we have an income doc completely. So whether people will go back to the Pani puri wala on the street in the fullness of time, I suspect they will. But just as a panipuri wala became bisleri, the panipuri Valla will also acquire a new pair of gloves. I suspect. So, yeah, I am not betting on dramatic change.