Ruchira Bharadwaja:

Careers are going to be more agile than ever before. Shouldn't our education right from school to post-graduation also be they looked at. And not to be only about digital learning.


Yogi Sriram:

We're getting there. We have now a lot of platforms where one can digitally learn and learn the practical part. The curriculum, that's a very very large topic that we're discussing. India has a fantastic educational system. If we can make it a little more practical nothing like it. What I would like to see much more is outcome-based education. There are lots of agencies which provide a kind of a gold standard to education which is great news. Mistake and underestimating the quality of our education which is why Indians are in demand all over the world. But what can be done is to bring in much more of a culture or do it yourself. People look at labs and they look at practical work. Even engineers look at it as a as a kind of a necessity and not as a kind of something that's interesting. But celebrating the shop floor going down there to the construction site working as a strong project manager and across genders is a very very important new skill to be taught in curriculums rather than shying away. It's such an enigma in a country like ours it needs a tremendous kind of a boost in terms of infrastructure. Most people do not want to take up careers in construction sites. They want to hang around in nice air-conditioned offices and stuff but they don't want to rough it out.

A curriculum which values that part of life also and respects the fact that bridges and statues and roads and platforms and oil platforms and airports are not built only through sitting in offices is very important. So the practical side of the curriculum is a good thing.