Rakesh Wadhwa:

What career advice would you want to give to our audience over here who are looking at building a career in marketing, let's say at a middle level, and they have aspirations to become a head of marketing or CMOs or head of businesses at some in point in time.


Rama Bijapurkar:

I'm a Maverick. I would say, build on the fundamentals. Don't play on theories. I think, in a volatile world where everything changes, the only thing that is a safe is a skill that helps you recalibrate your environment and understand what's going on very quickly. So I know that I'm sounding like a hammer and everything's a nail, but it's like driving a formula from first principles, right. Even at the environment changes, you can always read re-derive it. So I think, learn how to learn about customers so that you can keep learning and calibrating instead of working with stock formula. I'm finding too much talk formula and too much marketing theory, go two levels below that and understand why those theories are and what works and what does not!