Rakesh Wadhwa:

Will artificial intelligence start understanding the context and therefore the feeling and therefore empathy? Is this something that we are heading towards?

Rajeev Karwal:

This is inevitable as robots become mainstream. You see a lot of countries now enacting laws changing the way we look at robots.

Who is taking certain jobs in certain economies? Robots are taking jobs in certain economies because they're more efficient. They don't have to go for lunch. They don't require leaves. They are don’t have health issues. They don't take casual leaves. They don't gossip around you. They don't question the boss et cetera et cetera. People whose jobs are gone they were responsible for something right. They were questioned for something. The robots which have taken these jobs must also be pushing on the same things. They also have their KRAs. Yes some KRAs and job descriptions can change but we must fix the responsibility of the robots also. So the laws are being enacted to say that if the robot has taken the job of a human being it should also answer them along with the similar parameters as a human being was answerable.

What are the five thinking skills? We start from remembering and then maybe understanding then analyzing and then kind of putting plans in place after analyzing to execute what our thinking is and then actually ending up creating. When the robot starts to create then human beings start to fear. That will things go out of him. And that is why so many fictional films are made on this topic, even in India.

Just because we imagined that things can go out of hand. It is not that we have to discard the robotic technology. We have to enact laws. We have to establish standards. We have to have collaboration. We have to have checks and balances in society. Because this is an idea who’s time has come. You cannot stop this from happening but you can control it. You can have a good dialogue and make this to be a very beneficial technology which grows for the benefit of the human beings. So let's look at technology with positive feeling and we will find that it will only increase in terms of utility for us in our day to day lives.