Rakesh Wadhwa:

What is the role of communication in these times with employees and how leaders need to sort of focus on communication that connects with employees in these situations given that these are uncertain times our employees are worried about the jobs and so on and so forth?


Rishad Tobaccowala:

 I've brought it down to five words and those five words worked particularly well today in the COVID-19 age.

1 - Capability. You want to, when you communicate with people, show that you are still a professional who is sort of capable. Capability becomes extremely important which is am I talking to someone who's capable.

2 – Integrity. And by integrity which means when you are communicating are you looking and being trustworthy? Are you using data. Are you using facts? Are you basically based on reality or some sort of imagination?

3 - Empathy. Empathy is very important because what do other people think? What are they feeling? Now in today's world why that's very important is remember people who are at home are anxious uncertain fearful this whole idea of rigidity. So understanding where they come from and their empathy becomes important.

4 – Vulnerability.  And vulnerability is both - I myself have issues but I may not know all the answers.

5 – Inspiration. Which is Hey the future is bright. The world is going to get better.

So those five characteristics are what I believe every single should have.