Rakesh Wadhwa:

How do you see marketing changing post COVID? It was already changing, thanks to data, technology, automation, all that sort of stuff. But how do you see that changing from here?


George Day:

Well in terms of marketing practice the remote working will have a dramatic effect. But I'd say it will take a lot of efficiency out of the system. Marketing is this big expensive function but where I see the biggest and most dramatic changes in marketing would surely be the impact of that digital technologies accelerated in terms of changing the customer experience. Of course we are always going to be concerned about and thoughtful about that what happens to retailers that are folk mostly bricks and mortar who really have to  shift online. So again that's one of those moves that has brought forward trends that were already apparent. But it's been accelerated. But I'd say in terms of marketing practice each company is going to find a different path but it has to be prepared for different scenarios. And then monitoring closely what competitors are doing, Peers, precursors. I spent a lot of time looking at precursors and by that I mean Companies or markets that behave in advance of the market i serving. I mentioned  some of the India companies I've worked with have Divided the States of India into a few precursors which they can reliably track trends and then expect to see them emerging in other States and that's part of being vigilant.