Ruchira Bharadwaja:

On the demand side organizations still are highly parochial when it comes to hiring people from different industries. So that is a risk aversion. And that is more prevalent as one moves up the hierarchy. What are your views or advice to organizations such as sports?


Yogi Sriram:

Organizations are going to change. They're going to be rediscovering themselves. They cannot remain in the same kind of a mindset as they were. Let's say a eCommerce company is looking for people who are extremely creative with respect to supply chain. They're ready to look at people who have different kinds of perspectives. It's a question of how you position yourself and how you think differently and able to get to 30000 feet in terms of looking at the big picture. Look at the strategy as well. Implement implementation is key. I belong to an organization Larsen and Toubro as an advisor. Execution is extremely important. So just talking about a strategy and just talking about ideas without implementation there's no point. So it's that plenty of opportunities where companies will have to rediscover themselves take the real estate sector. The real estate sector has to learn about new ways of air conditioning a building. I mean the old ways of an air conditioning building are not going to work with the infection that we're battling at present as well as any future infections. Look at transportation look at so many things. I mean there's this whole experience of the last three months has changed our lives.


Perhaps it a great opportunity to put companies, people and everybody else to think creatively and think of new things. So I do think that Companies are going to become less hierarchical. The size of the room you are in the kind of cabin you're in et cetera it gets less important.