Rakesh Wadhwa:

Is this the era ecosystems, which basically means that, for example happening with the Reliance Jio, their ambition clearly seems like they want to be a Alibaba of India and they want to create an ecosystem that customer doesn't leave their platform. So investment from Facebook gives them access to WhatsApp users and multiple other investments that are coming into the Reliance Geo. All service providers would have to find a seamless and digital way to deliver within that platform? Is this the way We are moving towards?


Alpesh Shah:

The Holy grail of ecosystems has been sort of sought after for a few years now. And there've been only a couple of really large successes, both in China. So that's something that we've seen and a lot of others have tried to create large ecosystems. the only other one outside China that are really seen get to some scale is the discovery model which was seen in South Africa which has gone beyond from a health insurance perspective. So that is something that people have been looking for. And so to your point should we continue looking for that? Absolutely yes. There's always been this cliche one-liner saying that Alpesh does not want a home loan but he wants a home. Alpesh does not want a car loan, He wants a car. Which effectively says has led to what a lot of people call the point of sales model. So when I go to buy a car you actually have banks sitting out there who give me loans the same day. When I go to buy a home you actually have tie-ups with a few banks or NBFCs that can give me a loan for right. So if I take that as the model which is how do you embed yourself in the journey of customers?

And so yes the big Holy grail of ecosystems is something that is being explored. Just putting on 20 things together does not makes it a good ecosystem. You will have to find I would say a good overlap between a set of services to see what goes together. So when if you and I go onto ESPN what are we thinking of at that point of time. If I'm watching Netflix what am I thinking of at that point of time. How do you think about embedding yourself and greening yourself as a part of customers' mindsets the journeys. And that's where data and analytics becomes important. You becoming a part of the customer's journey becomes important.