Rakesh Wadhwa:

The organizations are moving towards training through webinars and online, which could be a good way, but is it as effective as face to face? And do you see that this is going to be continuing for them? They should move to this kind of a model or they should just hold on and wait for things to settle down?


Ajai Chowdhry:

I think you better move to the online model, because as I said earlier, everything online is going to be the mantra. So definitely you should look at everything being done online. If you are a Hindustan lever today and you have salespeople which are actually on contract all over the country, thousands of them, how are you going to train them by bringing them into a room? It was never possible. So they've already been using a lot of new strategies and using the phone for teaching. It's the way to go. So these are the kinds of things that have been happening to some extent. They will happen more and more, and you need to pivot yourself to be pretty much online in everything that you do, because it's not going to be a change that will happen only in the COVID environment when people discover that it's a lot cheaper to train online, then why would they go back to the old ways?

We need to learn from the COVID environment and change our organizations. We would be able to do more with less.