Rakesh Wadhwa:

What would be your advice to companies who are still not embarked on this journey? How might they go about this digital transformation of their organization? Because that is something inevitable.


Rajshree R

We all have to recognize that our world has changed. So there's no getting away from that fact. Even once the vaccine comes on board, we are going to fear. We are going to see a different world. There are things that we got used to. So when we hosted this astronaut for our show, the reason we wanted to host him his, because he had lived for six months in the international space station and we wanted to talk to him about how he did it, how did he really live in this isolation? How, how does it feel to adjust? But what was very interesting that he said, Adjusting to the station was one, he but adjusting back to earth was actually an even more important aspect of the whole journey, which I thought was extremely thought-provoking. We've sort of got used to where we are today. I keep thinking, when, and how will I take my next flight? I used to take a flight every Monday morning. I'm like, how the hell am I going to do it in the future?

Businesses and individuals have to understand that, our world has changed and that is why we are not calling it a new normal. We are calling it a new beginning. And we are saying, let's make a fresh start. And this is an opportunity for us to make a fresh start. Our risk appetite has increased. We are willing to take greater chances now. The entire exams for college students in India is going to happen in a remote environment, which is done by TCS, our own platform. They are completely reimagining that experience, how are exams going to be conducted? So, this is a great opportunity for businesses to rethink how do they operate in the future? What makes sense for them in the future? Think about, how would they go back to that? How can we, exactly do what we used to do three months back.

So to me, it seems like a great opportunity. And that is how TCS has responded to it by its 25 by 25 vision. We are continuously saying that this is a new beginning. So, it's the same philosophy. businesses need to think about it, and we are happy to help you.

We've had fantastic experiences of examples of businesses across the world who are already looking at many aspects of their business like payments, financial, insurance, recreation, etc. Every business is, transforming. This is a great opportunity for humanity at large.