Rakesh Wadhwa:

Why is it so difficult for organizations to change culture?

Jasprit Bindra:

Firstly, If you are a wreck. If your company is going down that lane, it's very easy to change culture, because you were nothing to lose. But the more successful you are the more difficult it is to change culture. Therefore companies that they have the baggage of success. It's difficult.

You can't make new stuff change stuff. You have to burn down the forest to set up a new one. Most of us want to build a new company, a new culture but also want to retain what already was. And that is impossible to make that happen. And that is the second reason.

Third is, culture flows top-down, it never comes bottom up. So the guy at the top needs to change first and that is the most difficult many times to change the guy at the top. Not only that one guy, but the team at the senior management has to change. Because people watch them and culture always flows downwards.