Ashish Tiwari:

What happens to consumer loyalty?


Rama Bijapurkar:

I think as long as you continue to deliver the value advantage, you will have greater loyalty at this time than you will at other times. Uh, because this is also a time of great emotion. So I think this is the time when loyalty actually gets greater. When moments are being associated with this. I had a purification system in my house, that died. There was a problem with the adapter, I think. And then the service guy called me back after 15 minutes and he said, do you have Tata Sky? I said, yes. He said, just try the adapter from there onto this filtration equipment.

And it will work. And I was so grateful that I did not have to boil water during lockdown or go to my neighbour’s house and borrow. I had been deeply, emotionally loyal to that particular brand. Similarly for my bank that has actually solved problems that I have due to careless digital usage, pins, lost, et cetera, et cetera.

So I think there's a good time to build loyalty.