Rakesh Wadhwa:

What kind of business opportunity do you suggest after lockdown?


Harish Bijoor:

Any business affairs committee that is COVID insulator is a great one. Firstly I have two people I recommend that you talk being an entrepreneur and not talk about being a person who's going to be working on a job because many jobs are going to get redefined. Many jobs are going to go out of fashion. There are three kinds of employees in the future. One is the permanent employee of the company. The second is the gig worker who comes in and goes. And the third is the machine employed over the years. The size of work handled by the machine, it will grow larger and larger in about 41% of the businesses. I know the businesses the machine employee is going to dominate life and the rest the human employee will still be there. But human employee as a permanent resource is not going to be there but a human employ as a gig worker is going to be there.

And therefore it's important for you if you want to insulate your future, think first of all two jobs on hand and one of the jobs should be a to be a gig worker of some kind or the other. That's a great business opportunity in itself. Overall what I'm saying is there are several terrains you can do work in.